So since when could basketballs have different nationalities?

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Hey folks,

I'm back with another logo blog and this time I'm talking about the logo of the ABA's Anahiem Amigos. Now, I know that Anahiem is close to the Mexican border but putting a sombrero on a basketball? Thats a bit strange considering I've tried to put a sombrero on a basketball and it hasnt fit as well as it does in the picture. The logo, and team name is also a bit of stereotyping if you ask me, not all "Amigos" I know rock the sombrero but then again the logo was used in 1968 so if it seemed funny the sterotyping was allowed in sports logos. I'll give the logo some slack, it takes away from the fact that the team was truly horrible, in their only season in Anahiem the Amigos average attedance was under 2,000 fans a game, finished 5th in the Western Division with a 25-53 record, and it didnt help that the team was also playing not too far away from UCLA and of course at the time they had a Mr.Bill Walton and a Mr.Lew Alcindor leading the team and they were alot more interesting to watch than the Amigos. This logo, was just another example of looks funny in the short term but turns into being just plain racist in the long run.

In closing let me say this, the Amigos mascot, was a man who looked like a mexican bandit who shot blanks into the air when Anahiem came back to take the lead in a game. Lets see any NBA team try that now in 2010 and not have Malace at the Palace Part 2.

Thats all for now, my name is Avry and I'm gone, check out my sports show Avry's Sports Show now on but still at 7PM mountain time on tuesday nights.
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"Lets see any NBA team try that now in 2010 and not have Malace at the Palace Part 2."  hahaha, i love it.  If the team is played on American soil then it should have a full American name and logo, go to Mexico and join whatever league is down there and do that.