So who is threatening the San Jose Sharks teamís chemistry?

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This season has brought slightly different outcomes for San Jose Sharks, a profession hockey team based in California and one of the teams of the National Hockey League. San Jose has been facing ups and downs this season and the consequence of this fluctuation year could be because of the bad team chemistry. This notion is less probable since this is less expected of a team like San Jose. However, there are likely to be strong justifications for this one. Three players are linked with this type of reasoning.
Colin White is one of those players. He has been paired with a few others in the team and has provided the team with some goals and a few assists but he has still been unable to develop that flair for San Jose which is expected of him and his team. All he has done for the team is to provide them with a strong, broad frame and playing in a regular season is harder to come by in his context.
James Sheppard is another player who was taken by the general manager of San Jose himself. However, James has been severely injured and this has led him to stay out of the game for the last two seasons, including the current one. James is considered as one of the best and since he Is a part of National Hockey League, expectations are automatically high from him however, after his terrible injury, things have drastically changed for poor James.
James used to play for Minnesota Wild who gave up on him and then San Jose kept him and they have been waiting for him to join the team for quite some time now.
However, bad chemistry jumps in because James is not the same physically and he will not manage to cope with the team and he will feel like an outcast. Since NHL doesn’t allow for such type of experimentation, James case needs to be catered to soon.
Where physical health was the constraint in the above case, the external circumstances are the hindrance to a good chemistry for T.J Galiardi for San Jose. He is one of the good players San Jose could have but the scenario as a whole is not good for the player to illustrate signs of good chemistry with the team.
San Jose has been enjoying an invincible third line in their team, with the three best players showing what they got and never letting the team down. The package of three fits perfectly together and they let the whole team move forward and succeed. However, things have gotten messy with one of the best players out and T.J taking his place. This has disturbed the combination of the team and with T.J under pressure to blend in with the two co players, there is a high probability of this taking huge deal of effort and time, till the same old flair develops between the three and signs of good chemistry begin to show.

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