Soccer referee in Kuwait punches player, ejects several others

After being pushed around a bit, this soccer ref took things into his own hands

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Blog Photo - Soccer referee in Kuwait punches player, ejects several othersApparently, soccer players in Kuwait have no problem trying to intimidate referees to sway calls.

That happened in one particular game, and referee Saad Al Fadhli was having no part of it.

As he was being surrounded by several players who were upset about a foul that he had called, he lashed out and punched one of the players in the face.

The player dropped to the ground (after a short delay, of course) and clutched his face. It was a textbook soccer dive. Then, as Al Fadhli was being restrained by another referee, he delivered a kick to another player.

He then proceeded to start handing out red cards galore, throwing out several players and even an obnoxious fan.

Check out the video here, and let us know what you think of this guy's officiating:

Hat tip to The Big Lead
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