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Obviously, I would have preferred that yesterday would have gone better with my selections, but even with the "split" of those games, there's still a solid foundation to build on after the 1st week of action for February. Sure, things could be better, but I'll take the 7-5 (3-3 in the NBA and 4-2 with college hoops) and go from there. Now, let's get down to beeswax.



THE NBA (2-3 last night and 27-21 for the week)



SU WINNERS (2-2 last night and 31-16 for the week)




When it rains, it pours, and I'm looking at another statistical tie tonight between the Blazers and Magic



TOTALS (2-3 last night and 32-16 for the week)

OVERS - Wolves/GRIZZLIES (185), Nuggets/CELTICS (203), Hornets/RAPTORS (194 1/2) and Blazers/MAGIC (197)

UNDERS - Clippers/KNICKS (192), Lakers/HEAT (204), Spurs/NETS (193 1/2), Thunder/SUNS (205) and Rockets/KINGS (216 1/2)



BUTTA (1-1 last night and 3-3 for the week)

Rockets (-5 1/2) over KINGS - The Kings had some fun last night against the Jazz, but they're not a good b2b team. Meanwhile, the Rocks just keep doing what they do. I am a little surprised that this game is showing as an UNDER, but I'm not suprised by the side. Rockets 116, KINGS 95




1. KNICKS (-3 1/2) over Clippers - The Clips are deep in the doldrums right now. Maybe the Knicks can play them into this game. KNICKS 109, Clippers 77

2. HEAT (-7) over Lakers - I don't know what was more surprising: That the Lakers found a way to come back from 20 points down to win on Friday night, or the fact that they were down by that many in the 1st place to a team like the Bobcats. I think the latter speaks louder to what will happen in this game. HEAT 107, Lakers 90

3. Wolves (+9) over GRIZZLIES - Things aren't coming easy for the Griz these days, but this might be a big "barometer game" for them. A win is a win no matter what the margin, but if Memphis loses this game, I think we might be able to stick a fork in them. GRIZZLIES 98, Wolves 93

4. CELTICS (-2) over Nuggets - The Nugs aren't a good b2b team when they're on the road (2-6 so far this season). A lot of that might have to do with their style of play, and that style will be sorely tested by a Celts squad that's feeling it right now and wants to keep the pace slow. CELTICS 108, Nuggets 99

5. RAPTORS (-4 1/2) over Hornets - Rudy Gay has really bowed his neck and elevated his game since being shipped out of Memphis. The Dinos are also getting a chance to look at some young guys after clearing the decks in the Gay trade, and they've gotten good results so far. I haven't turned my back on the Stingers though, and I don't want anything to do with this game because it just feels like Nawlins might be the better team. RAPTORS 107, Hornets 100

6. MAGIC (+3 1/2) vs. Blazers - If I had a gun to my head, I'd roll with the Blazers here. They're a long way from home though, and they don't have a real good history in the eastern time zone. Blazers 102, MAGIC 102

7. Spurs (-2) over NETS - After Friday's games were in the can, I looked ahead to this one and felt like it would be a play for me, but I'm going to back off that now. As I look at the matchup, the Nets trio of Lopez, Evans and Humphries in the paint could cause havoc for the Duncan-less Spurs. Spurs 101, NETS 91

8. SUNS (+9) vs. Thunder - The only thing that keeps this from being a repeat of the beatdown the Thunder delivered to the Suns in OkC on Friday night will be the Suns pride. It will be interesting to see if they have any. SUNS 100, Thunder 96



COLLEGE HOOPS (21-23 ATS/31-12 SU/21-23 TOTALS yesterday and 44-45/60-28/42-47 for the week)

Just a quick note: From here on out to the end of The Madness, we now have every game played by a Div. I football conference up for grabs and available to us. Happy days!



I really don't have a good feel for any of today's games, but I guess if I had to, I'd probably be looking at UConn, but only on the money line, and general principles tell me that all the points being laid by the likes of Syracuse and Arizona may be too much in conference play. But instead of taking any of those risks, I'll be just fine sitting back and watching.



1. Duke 82, BOSTON COLLEGE (+11 1/2, O142) 82

2. CLEMSON (+2 1/2, U136) 67, N. Carolina St. 55

3. MARYLAND (-2, U114) 55, Virginia 49

4. MINNESOTA (-9 1/2, O138 1/2) 77, Illinois 62

5. Indiana (+1 1/2, U138) 58, OHIO ST, 58

6. UConn (-3 1/2, U129 1/2) 64, SETON HALL 59

7. SYRACUSE 62, St. John's (+13 1/2, U136 1/2) 51

8. Tennessee (-1 1/2, U130) 69, S. CAROLINA 60

9. LOUISIANA (-8, O136 1/2) 86, La.-Monroe 74

10. ARIZONA (-13, U134 1/2) 74, Cal 57

11. OREGON ST. (-1, U142 1/2) 59, Colorado 57

12. USC 71, Washington (+2, 0137) 69



It was a nice wedding yesterday, but I was glad when it was over. Maybe I've turned into a grumpy old man, but I just don't like having to radically adjust my schedule and routine to fit the whims of others. HA! I know one thing: If I ever make it to 70, I won't be adjusting anything for anybody. You wanna get married? If you want me there, you'll have the ceremony when I can best fit it in! YIKES!



Have a grand and glorious Sunday! I'll see you again tomorrow.

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