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If it happens in the UFC--it must be good; my thoughts on the UFC

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Blog Photo - Some different opinions on the UFCSo much written of how people are annoyed that the women’s division in the UFC isn’t getting the proper respect they feel it deserves. They claim people are ignorant or don’t get MMA if everyone isn’t on board with the idea. It’s pretty funny people say that, considering the UFC President, Dana White, wanted nothing to do with women in his company.

However, now that Mr. MMA himself welcomes women into the UFC, everyone--like the good sheep they are--flock to anything the UFC President says is worthy and acceptable of being in his company. We’ll just ignore the fact that he wanted nothing to do with it, or the fact that women’s MMA had already existed prior to the UFC. It almost seems like the sheep won’t accept anything until it enters the UFC. Something doesn’t exist unless it’s in the UFC. Drink the kool aid.

It goes back to the whole argument years back of the UFC fan dismissing any other company, including Pride; saying unless you fight in the UFC you aren’t the best. Those who don’t drink the kool aid know how much of a joke that logic is, especially when you see the success of many former Pride fighters, and recently even the WEC. By the way, Rondo Rousey comes from a company called Strikeforce. UFC fans probably only heard of it when Zuffa purchased the company. But I’m the ignorant MMA fan.

To the UFC’s credit, I was pleasantly surprised with the video package they ran on the FX prelims show prior the PPV. They showed the history of women in MMA and properly credited Gina Carano with being the pioneer. For those who haven’t see it and thought last night’s Rousey/Carmouche fight was great, please go watch the Carano/Cyborg fight from Strikeforce. That fight actually ended with 1 second left in the first round. And by the way, Carano is far better looking than Rousey. She only ended up in Hollywood. Ronda is cute and sexy, Gina is freakin HOT.

My problem was never with women fighting in the UFC (I’m the guy who supported it before the UFC), it was more the fact that there really isn’t a great level of competition for Ronda Rousey. Now most people seem to be very excited with the fact that Carmouche had Rousey in mild trouble with that neck crank. Rousey did a great job in preventing it from becoming a rear naked choke by tucking her chin, which led to her inadvertently biting Carmouche.

The funny story that came out of this fight was the near wardrobe malfunction by Rousey while trying to escape the crank/attempted choke. Rousey said she kept trying to adjust her bra while trying to break loose, so she was never in great trouble if she was multitasking. No doubt it was a better fight than expected. However, Rousey still would’ve won the round had she not ended the fight with the armbar.

So how much can you really take from the fight? If I were still a degenerate gambler, I would’ve taken a prop bet on Carmouche not escaping the first round. So ultimately I called the fight accurately. My prediction wasn’t wrong.

The pay per view buyrates will tell a lot of how much a success this really was. Not saying this is a factor, but where I watched the fight, people left after the Henderson/Machida snoozefest. I’m happy that most people, including the UFC president, now has their cheerleader uniforms on and have the pom poms going supporting Rousey and this division. I truly hope more fighters become established and the division does flourish. I look forward to seeing even better fights than the one we saw Saturday night.

I just wonder if people will grow tired of seeing the same result every fight. Remember, while everyone says there’s a chance other women will get better and present more competition, don’t you think Rousey will also get better and perhaps become more dominant?

Before I comment on the Dan Henderson/Lyoto Machida fight itself, I must talk about how much of a joke it was that you had the #1 ranked guy fighting the #2 ranked guy (in the new UFC official rankings), yet a guy not even ranked in the division is getting the title shot. What do these rankings really mean when something like that happens? How Dan Henderson ever lost his title shot is still beyond me. So now these rankings are gospel, or will that go out the window when another major injury occurs and someone else steps up and wants to fight the champion?

Dan Henderson feels he did enough to win the fight against Lyoto Machida. He said Machida did a great job in not fighting. If you know going in that your opponent is known for counter-punching, don’t you have to force the issue a little bit more while still being cautious? Henderson admitted afterward that he should’ve been more aggressive. What he did in the 3rd round with the successful takedown, is something that he should’ve done in the first two rounds. It seemed like he was loading up for the “H” bomb, but Machida is no Bisping, and knows how to circle away from trouble, as opposed to walking right into it.

I can’t definitively say anyone won the fight; you can make a case it was a draw. Now the one thing someone mentioned to me that I forgot about, was the fact that being Rousey/Carmouche headlined the show, we would only get a 3 round fight from Henderson/Machida instead of a 5 round affair had they been the main event. Now based on how that fight was going, I doubt anyone wanted to see two more boring rounds. However, based on the adjustments Henderson made in the 3rd round, I’m inclined to believe we would’ve had a case of rinse and repeat for the next two rounds if they did exist, which would’ve resulted in a Henderson win.

We’ll never know and now we’re subjected to a possible rematch of Machida and Jon Jones. Now while the UFC will sell it as “Lyota Machida--the only man to win a round from Jones” (well, if Sonnen doesn’t), let’s not forget how easily Jones adjusted and ended that fight via submission in the 2nd round. Clearly Jones is head-and-shoulders better than anyone else in that division, so I guess it’s time for the super-fight with Silva or GSP to happen. We can wait to see him clean out the division a second time.
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