Some tough love for the Golden State Warriors?

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Golden State Warriors center Andrew Bogut may still be recovering from ankle surgery, but he’s already got the right idea for the 2012-2013 season. Andrew Bogut hopes to bring around some aggressiveness and sense of accountability in his team.
The Golden State Warriors acquired Andrew Bogut from the Milwaukee Bucks to bolster the defense, a department that had been often overlooked in the past seasons.
While Andrew Bogut may be prone to freak accidents (although there should be no doubts about his toughness), and does not stand apart solely based on his individual statistics, he is still ranked as the best passing center in NBA.  Andrew Bogut’s rebounding and passing skills, as well as comfortableness with shooting will greatly contribute towards the Golden State Warriors’ offense.
Additionally, a strong performance at center from Andrew Bogut will set up opportunities to drive the ball to the basket, which will in turn improve Golden State Warriors power forward David Lee’s game.
But for now, Andrew Bogut is still rehabbing from a fractured ankle he sustained on 25th January, while still with the Milwaukee Bucks; and all signs indicate a scheduled return by the center. The 27-year-old anticipates joining full-contact training within a few weeks and if things turn out well, Andrew Bogut could be starting for the Golden State Warriors in their first exhibition game.
That is good news for Golden State Warriors’ second-year coach Mark Jackson, who will be still working on communication and several combinations after failing to mix-up things due to the lockout shortened season.
However, Andrew Bogut believes there’s nothing better at improving conversation than intentionally starting some trouble within team. Let’s bring out some up-close-and-personal fights or at least throw some verbal jabs each other’s way, because in the end, it proves that the players have got the right competitive spirit to carry out through the season.
"If there's not one fight in practice during the season – you never want to fight just to fight – but if there's not one little scuffle or one little verbal, something's wrong,” expressed Andrew Bogut. “Guys aren't competing, guys aren't there for the right reason, guys are just punching the clock.”
What’s really cutting Andrew Bogut deep is the Golden State Warriors’ only 20 (23) wins last season, and the center who led the league in rebounds last season believes the team can drastically improve by bringing some “physicality” to the game.
"A responsibility of mine is making sure that we're staying on top of each other, staying focused,” Andrew Bogut further enlightened on his objectives for the new season. “If I miss a box out or if I miss a help D and David Lee comes after me, I want that… you've got to go out and say, 'Hey, that's part of being the leader.”
“If they don't tell me I made a mistake that was blatant, that we've been drilling every day for the last 200 days or 100 days,” continued Andrew Bogut, “and none of the leaders or none of the people on the team have come up to me and said, 'What the hell are you doing?' something's wrong.”
The idea Andrew Bogut envisions isn’t a revolutionary step in the NBA. The Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks have often demanded such level of accountability from their players. All in all, it will help to further develop maturity and a sense of responsibility amongst the Golden State Warriors.
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