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It's getting so you just can't trust anyone or anything anymore. We've got this bizarre story involving the kid at Notre Dame. Chip Kelly take a page out of the Nick Saban playbook and tells us he's not comfortable with the Eagles situation last week, then accepts the job yesterday. And then there's the Boston Celtics. Obviously, the Celts were torqued at me for bad mouthing them for most of the season, so they take a good situation and trash it by getting blown up by a Hornets team that never should have been able to keep up with the C's. It's a crazy world, but we roll merrily along.



THE NBA (3-7 last night and 13-18 so far for the week)

The Association's annual attempt to globalize the game will take place in a couple of hours in London. You know how I feel about this already. There's no point in going further into it except to wonder out loud if the Brits really care about 'Melo gracing them with his presence. After all, these people would rather watch paint dry. OOPS! I mean go to a soccer game.



SU WINNERS (4-5 last night and 17-11 so far for the week)

Pistons, WOLVES, Bucks and LAKERS



TOTALS (7-3 last night and 16-15 so far for the week)

OVER - Clippers/WOLVES (192 1/2)

UNDERS - Knicks/PISTONS (194 1/2), Bucks/SUNS (197) and Heat/LAKERS (206 1/2)



BUTTA (0-1 last night and 2-1 so far for the week)

1. Clippers (-4 1/2) over WOLVES - It's not often that it happens. In fact, it will only be the 2nd time this year that I've done it, but I will fly in the face of my numbers for this game. The Clips are deeper and stronger, even without CP3, than the Wolves are. Not having their superstar PG only allows someone else to step up in his absence. The Wolves don't have their big name either, and they suffer greatly because of it. We're getting a bargain with this short number regardless of what this projection says. WOLVES 105, Clippers 103

2. Clippers/WOLVES (O 192 1/2) - This will be a separate and 2nd play.




1. Pistons (+5 1/2) vs. Knicks - The Knicks have won 6 of the last 7 meetings between these teams, both SU and ATS, but I have it in my mind that this will be a very close game. It's a motivation thing as far as I'm concerned. The Knicks are used to being in "showcase" type games, but the Pistons haven't even made it onto NBATV for a couple of years. Pistons 99, Knicks 95

2. Bucks (+1) at SUNS - The Bucks are the better team, but the Suns are 4-1 SU & ATS against Milwaukee over the last 3 seasons. Another big problem for the Bucks is the fact that not only are they 2-10 in non-conference games so far this season, but the Suns are also on a 3-game home losing streak. Something's got to give. Bucks 88, SUNS 83

3. LAKERS (-1 1/2) over Heat - How it is Little Hitler has allowed his beloved Heat to appear in his even more beloved Thursday night TNT package is beyond me. Obviously, there's a scheduler out there who will be looking for a new job tomorrow, but what about the game? The Lakers get Pau back tonight, and that could be a problem for The Champs. Teams that can control the paint and crash the glass give them some difficulty. This is a "pass" though, because we can't count on that Laker defense against the likes of LeBron, Wade, Bosh et al. LAKERS 102, Heat 99



Isn't it nice to be "done" so early in the day? I'm going to have to try and remember this. Have a great Thursday, and if you're starting your weekend a bit early, be careful out there. I'll see you tomorrow.

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