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I'm not worried at all about taking last night off and the potential effect that might have at killing the vibe.  I'm not into "heat checks", and I'm not going to just throw anything at the wall to see if it sticks just because I'm on a hot streak.  If anything, I'm even more "critical" of the games available and looking extra hard to not get on a game.  So, if it something doesn't look or "feel" right to me, I'm sitting on my hands, and I told you yesterday that, as important as my statistical breakdown is to my success, there were a lot of things that just didn't look right to me.  As it worked out, especially in the NBA, my feelings were right on, so in a way, the hot streak continues.  Let's get to work.

COLLEGE HOOPS  (11-12 ATS/14-8 SU/11-12 TOTALS last night and 39-38/48-26/33-44 so far for the week)
A bit of a switch from recent posts as I start with the schoolboys today.  There is a reason for it.  You see, I "share" this post at other locations up and down the information superhighway, and when I do, a thumbnail from the primary sport I've listed (the NBA), and that picture over recent days has been of Jason Collins.  Sorry, but I'm not sorry that I won't be a party to, nor wish to be associated with the gay agenda.

BUTTA  (no play last night and 3-0 so far for the week)
Nothing to see here tonight.

Providence (+2 1/2, O137) 76 Washington St. (+9 1/2, O132 1/2) 67
---Huge game for Providence if they want to wedge their way into the conversation for The Madness.  As we see frequently, however, that doesn't always ensure success.

THE NBA  (0-4 ATS/2-2 SU/3-1 TOTALS last night and 19-15/21-10/16-18 so far for the week)

BUTTA  (no play last night and 2-0 so far for the week)
CAVS (-165) over Jazz - Utah ripped off 2 nice home wins in a row.  Now, they hit the road where they've struggled mightily all season.  Even so, I can't lay a more than 1 possession spread with a Cavs team that, although they've played very well of late, can be erratic.

Jazz   88 Grizzlies (+5, U192)   88
CAVS (-3 1/2, U192 1/2)   95 THUNDER   87
Warriors   96 Bulls (+4 1/2, O192)   99
KNICKS (+5 1/2, U200)   98 MAVS 102
Bobcats (+9, O201) 102 Kings (+1 1/2, U213)   96
Pelicans (+7, U203)   98    
SUNS 104    
---Who would have ever thought that the Thunder could be on a 3-game home losing streak?  And now, here come the grinders from Memphis tonight.  WOW!
---I'm really interested to see what a 6-day layoff does to a Bobcats team that was running hot before this long stretch of game inactivity.
---Injuries might have a lot to do with the Pelicans/SUNS game.  Davis is "doubtful" for the Pels, and Dragic and Barbosa are "questionable" for the Suns.

Another weekend, and another "Snowmageddon" rolling toward God's Country.  It sure was nice to hear baseball on the radio yesterday afternoon.  Have a great night.  Be careful out there.  I'll see you tomorrow.
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