Sooner Or Later

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That's the way it goes.  Everything was rolling so well with my prognostications in the early games with 6 correct calls out of 8 games, but when it got to the late, and then late, late game, everything went south.  I did get the TOTAL call with the Broncos, but that was almost too easy, but the Texans have very quickly gone from contender to an also ran, and the Chargers reverted back to the team we've seen the last couple of years.  Crazy stuff.
I will say this, however:  There are some times that I get here and I know exactly what I'm going to do before I make a single keystroke, and I don't waver one bit.  There are other times, though, when I'll get to rapping away, and I'll actually talk myself into a game that I had no feeling for before I started, or I'll push myself away from a game that I previously thought I wanted.  Yesterday presented me with such a situation. 
I really didn't want anything to do with the game between the Ravens and Dolphins yesterday.  I didn't even want it after posting, but I got to thinking about it as I was getting my catnap.  How could I pass on Flacco after he had such a terrible game last week?  The answer was that I couldn't, and I wasn't just satisfied with taking the points the Ravens were getting either.  I ended up jumping them just prior to kickoff at (+120), so that paid off nicely for me after a bit of a white knuckle finish.  Of course, I can't take credit for that play since I didn't post it, but there you go.
THE NFL  (6-6 yesterday)
FALCONS (-10) over Jets - This is more a situaional thing than it is having anything to do with the respective teams.  It's the Falcons 2nd straight home game, and they lost last week.  For the Jets, it's their 2nd straight road game, and they got pummeled by the Titans.  I just don't think that, given the situation, the Jets bounce back as strongly as the Falcons do.  With that being said though, I really don't like what I've seen from Atlanta so far.  They've had chances to pu their opponents away in each of their last 3 games and have failed to do so.  They did end up winning the first of those games, but they let the Rams hang around all day.  Against the Dolphins in the 2nd game, they left it up to their defense, and they couldn't close the deal.  Last week, the defense failed them late again, but the offense didn't execute in key situations either.  There's something wrong with this Falcons team this year, and a lot of it looks like it has to do with the approach of the coaching staff.  They're certainly a team, right now, that is very risky business as a favorite, especially with a big number like this.
It will be another spotty week with no more action again till Thursday.  It's all good though.  Tomorrow I can devote entirely to the upcoming college football and NFL schedules, and Wednesday will be given to totally finishing off my NBA preseason work.  Have a great next couple of days, and I'll talk to you again on Thursday.
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