Sources confirm Kevin Durant done for season with torn ACL

Breaking News: Kevin Durant out for season with torn ACL

4/1/14 in NBA   |   MortonsLaw   |   156 respect Blog Photo - Sources confirm Kevin Durant done for season with torn ACL Multiple sources have confirmed Thunder All-Star Kevin Durant suffered a torn ACL in a freak accident at home Monday Night. Durant was reportedly moving furniture when he slipped and heard something "pop." Sources say an emergency MRI has revealed a torn ACL and Durant will be out indefinitely.
One key part being omitted from the story is that today is April 1st.


Who would've thought we'd see this Spurs offense be this good? They do almost everything right on offense: Ball movement is nearly flawless, they set perfect screens, movement without the ball is done to perfection, and the floor spacing allows for high percentage shots. It's actually a thing of beauty to watch. And of course, the biggest key besides not forcing bad shots and not turning it over, is the ability to make shots. I just can't get over how effortlessly they execute offensively, even against the top defense in the league.
And even when the Spurs struggled to score in the 3rd, and Indiana got back into the game, San Antonio just cranked it up and the lead ballooned to 20. The Spurs set a franchise record with their 18th consecutive win. Conversely, the Pacers conclude March with an 8-10 record. Hard to fathom considering how they played the first four months.
I was interested to see how Toronto would play down in Miami. The Raptors were quietly 11 games over .500 heading into the game. However, even without Wade (nursing another injury), LeBron put the Heat on his back and dominated the second half, en route to an impressive win. The Heat now sit atop the East, percentage points ahead of Indiana.
James continues to shoot an insane percentage from the floor this season. He's now over 57%, which sounds like video game numbers, especially from a non power forward or center position.

To put his season from the field in perspective: In the 83-84 season, Magic Johnson shot .565 from the floor, albeit in just 67 games. He did shoot .561 the following year in 77 games. Michael Jordan shot .539 in 90-91, and essentially shot 50% for his career. Kobe Bryant never shot 50% once in his career (.469 was his best year)

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