South Carolina football: Jadeveon Clowney looking good in practice

Jadeveon Clowney will 'be an instant pro' following bowl game

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There isn’t a more terrifying or dominating player in the college football world than Jadeveon Clowney—when he wants to be. Blog Photo - South Carolina football: Jadeveon Clowney looking good in practice

Clowney, a sure-fire top-five selection and possibly the No. 1 overall pick in the upcoming 2014 NFL Draft, didn’t put forth nearly the same numbers this year as he did during his sophomore campaign, and many wonder if that’s because of a lack of motivation and effort.

Offensive coordinators have obviously game planned around his abilities, double-teaming him and throwing different blocking schemes his way. There’s a good percentage of the time where the play will be ran to the other side, too, in avoidance of his presence.

So it’s not completely fair to judge him by statistics, although he has been seen taking plays off here and there, not finishing through the whistle and just looking un-Clowney like.

But coach Steve Spurrier thinks that Clowney has prepped very well for Wednesday’s Capital One Bowl clash with Wisconsin, and that he’ll go on to be very successful—that is if he can learn how to read speed limit signs on the way.

“Yeah, Jadeveon has done very well in practice for the bowl game.,” said Spurrier during Tuesday’s press conference. “I think he's a hundred percent healthy. He needs help with his driving. His foot gets a little heavy down there at times, I guess.  So hopefully he'll get that straightened out. 

“But he's practiced well and he's been a very good teammate for three years. We were all wondering if he's got a limo to take him out of the ballpark tomorrow or not.,” the ‘Ol Ball Coach added, receiving a collective chuckle from the media crew. “But we were kidding him about all the autographs; the people around there waiting until after the game. And then he could start charging for his autograph, if he waits a little while. But, yeah, he'll be an instant pro when the game's over. But he's looking forward to it and we wish him the best.”

Like I stated in my Capital One Bowl preview, you have to think that Clowney will have the mindset to leave the collegiates like an atomic bomb. He’ll be a top pick no matter what, but a commanding performance against a solid Wisconsin offensive line would ensure that he wouldn’t have to partake in many offseason workouts.

He’d have plenty more off-time to test out the max speed of his limo, too.

*All quotes were obtained first hand.

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