Spain hope to keep Cristiano Ronaldo at bay

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Blog Photo - Spain hope to keep Cristiano Ronaldo at bayThe Euro 2012 semifinal between Spain and Portugal will resemble an international El Clasico. With players from Barcelona filling up the Spanish ranks and players from Real Madrid filling up the Portuguese side, it wouldn’t be a crime to reminisce about the infamous mother-match of La Liga.
Moreover, the match between Spain and Portugal will decide the dominant football nation in the Iberian Peninsula. Interestingly, the game play of Portugal and Spain is also similar to Real Madrid and Barcelona. Therefore, the Wednesday encounter has already become a mouth-watering showdown between two European football powerhouses.
Spain will have special plans for the Portuguese football prodigy Cristiano Ronaldo. Coach Vicente del Bosque admits he has plans to neutralize the threats from Cristiano Ronaldo. 
“We will be taking special care of Cristiano Ronaldo,” said coach Vicente del Bosque while pointing out that Spain had been able to take care of Cristiano Ronaldo at the 2010 World Cup.
Portugal experienced a heartbreaking 1-0 defeat to Spain two years ago at the 2010 World Cup. Back then it was Spaniard David Villa who scored the winner. This time the veteran striker has been sidelined from the final squad. Spain’s defense is also missing a couple of players; including the impregnable center back Carles Puyol.
In spite of these setbacks, Vicente del Bosque is eyeing a great victory.
“It won’t be an individual (marking) thing, there will be permanent help as there was two years ago,” Vicente del Bosque told Cope radio.
Cristiano Ronaldo later confessed that the defeat to Spain had hit him hard.
“I feel wretched, completely desolate, unimaginably sad,” Cristiano Ronaldo said in an interview on a day after the match occurred.
The former Manchester United forward Cristiano Ronaldo refused to talk to media after the defeat. Cristiano Ronaldo said that he was emotionally hurt because of the result of the match.
“I am a human being, I am suffering and I have the right to suffer alone,” Cristiano Ronaldo said.
Vicente del Bosque praised his men for keeping Cristiano Ronaldo at bay during Spain’s 2010 World Cup encounter against Portugal. Vicente del Bosque believes his defense can pull of another impressive performance in Donetsk on Wednesday.
“When players such as Cristiano Ronaldo are kept quiet then the credit goes to our defenders,” said Vicente del Bosque.
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i m sure Spain will win