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Sports Addictions: Fantasy to Gambling to Twitter

2/11/10 in Fantasy Sports   |   FavreDollars   |   24 respect

Everyone has addictions.  People who tell you otherwise are addicted to lying.  For some its drugs, for Tiger and Steve Phillips it's supposedly sex, for me its sports.

Now what people fail to understand about addictions is that there are different levels of severity.  I begrudgingly always have to listen to about fifteen minutes of Dr. Phil when I get home from work since my parents enjoy the rhetoric that he spews.  A couple days ago there was some typical Dr. Phil guest.  You know, the kid whose life is about to end unless Dr. Phil swoops in to save the day.  He either scares them straight or sends them to boot camp.

While on this episode, it was some girl that came on the show addicted to Oxycontin.  Her mother was so concerned for her that she felt she needed to be displayed on national television so Dr. Phil could berate her enough to straighten her out.  Not only was she that supporting, but also, just to get her to come to the show, she actually gave her Oxycontin pills because she wouldn't attend the show with them.  Great job mom!

I mean I wish my mom would do that.  What Gene?  You don't even want to attend church on Easter?  How about I give you a fifth of whiskey during mass and we call it a deal?  Thanks mom. Love ya! Make it Jack please.

So this girl wasn't just addicted to Oxycontin, she was smoking the pills.  I didn't even know you could smoke pills.  I mean is snorting not giving her the rush that she needs?  I guess it's the new crack or something.  The point is her addiction was so severe that she took it to a new level that I didn't even know you could take it to.  I think people are taking their sports addictions to new levels now as well.

My addiction to sports is that I have to always know what's going on.  I need the scores, I need the highlights, I need to watch all my teams play anytime they're on.  Does it take over my life?  Somewhat, but not enough that it's a burden; at least I don't think so.  I think it's a healthy addiction because I use it in a positive manner.Twitter

Some peoples' sports addictions aren't healthy.  There's nothing wrong being in a few fantasy leagues or throwing a few bucks down on the Super Bowl or mingling with fellow fans on Twitter, but when does it become too much?  I guess this is my intervention to some of the folks out there that can't appreciate the game anymore without one of these resources.  

So here's my list of examples to find out if you are too addicted to sports (broken into classes):

The Chill for a Little Class

1.  If you have any money already wagered on any Winter Olympic Sporting Event, the H-O-R-S-E event, or you wagered on the Pro Bowl

2.  If you saw a great highlight in any game and immediately check your Twitter Page to see other peoples' responses

3.  If you wear a professional sports jersey to church

4.  If you listen to the game on a pair of headsets while attending a sports event (personal pet peeve)

5.  If you belong to a fantasy bowling, billiards, or volleyball league

6.  If you and another person both tweeted about the same gross looking fat lady that you saw in the crowd

The Turn Off the TV for a Month Class

1.  If you ever applied to try to Stump the Schwab

2.  If you had to pay taxes on any of your fantasy winnings

3.  If you looked at the pictures of Greg Oden's or George Hill's penis

4.  If you can name the gold medalist male figure skater from the 2006 Olympics

5.  If you tweeted a game analysis while attending a high school basketball game

6.  If you parlayed the coin flip, National Anthem length, Gatorade color, and Thank You response (and won)

The Creepy Sports Fan Class

1.  If you have ever written to an athlete to tell them how they have changed your life and you're over 10 years old

2.  If you bet on USA's Evan Lysacek to pull off a Quadruple Lutz next week (I swear to God I had to look up any name)

3.  If you're still rocking a starter jacket or Michael Jordan #45 jersey

4.  If you can't watch a sports event without Tweeting the whole time (especially when it's your favorite team)

5.  If your whole source of income for the year is based of fantasy NASCAR winnings

6.  If you're reading this contemplating if you belong in this category

All I'm trying to say is that sports are great and we should enjoy them to their fullest, but don't go overboard.  Too many people can't even watch a NFL game anymore without having money on it or tweeting about it the entire time.  We've always heard the rule to not bet on your own team, I don't think you should tweet during your favorite team's game either.  Anyone who isn't on Twitter really should try it out though.  It's a great resource to see great articles and share thoughts with fellow fans, but some people go completely overboard with nonstop tweets during games.  Enjoy your fantasy sports, or Tweeting, or even betting some money, but do it in moderation.  Just enjoy a great competition once in awhile without having to have your own separate competition at the same time.

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2/12/10   |   WBKsports   |   366 respect

FavreDollars wrote:
 If yall want to see a Leprechaun let me hear ya say yeaaaaaa "YEAAAAAAAAA"

WBK, denial is the first step.

 LOL...You are correct...

Cue in the A & E Intervention music...

"Eric thinks he will be doing a documentary on sports addiction, but his family will try to attempt to get him into treatment..."  

Cue images of me staring at my iPhone with a smile on my face reading tweets from athletes and journalists on Twitter...My lady buck naked crying hysterically telling the camera..."He hasn't had sex with me in 2 weeks, and when he does he's reading his tweets..."

Cue another image of me preparing for my fantasy baseball draft reading Preview magazines at Barnes and Noble 8:00 A.M...My kids show up...."Daddy, you were supposed to take us to school...."

"Problem??? I don't  have a problem...Get that camera out of my face..."

Cue Intervention music and titles...Cut to commercial...

2/12/10   |   FavreDollars   |   24 respect

 If yall want to see a Leprechaun let me hear ya say yeaaaaaa "YEAAAAAAAAA"

WBK, denial is the first step.

2/12/10   |   WBKsports   |   366 respect

 I am not an addict....I just can't live without sports in my life everyday...

2/12/10   |   redsox1002003   |   881 respect

 favre dollar footlongs