Sports Christmas Lights Feature Jimmie Johnson And A Dunking Santa

The Weirdest Sports-Related Christmas Light Decorations Out There This Holiday Season

12/17/08 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I'd have to think that the Christmas lights market is a pretty niche market. You use those lights really only once a year and they tend to last a long time. So, in other words, I wouldn't exactly consider it to be a booming business.

But hey, almost guaranteed failure has never stopped some people from trying to make a buck. If you think Christmas lights are a niche market, then how about sports-related Christmas lights? Now there's a ultra-niche market.

First up is the Jimmie Johnson Christmas car. At least, I guess that's what this is.

This hilarious lighted lawn ornament may look small in this picture, but it isn't. It's actually 6-feet long and sells for the fairly reasonable price of $125. I would suggest setting this bad boy up so it looks like it's slamming into Santa's sleigh, or just have it running over Blitzen.

Next up, for you Tennessee Vols fans, why not have a Christmas lawn ornament that lets everyone know you spent all year cheering for one of the worst teams in college football.

As ugly as this thing is, it's still about 10 times better than your season was. It's also marked down to $100, I assume to entice people to buy it. I've got the over/under on the number of these things sold at 3.

They also got hockey covered. Here's a Columbus Blue Jackets one.

And then there are NFL ones as well. Here's a San Diego Chargers lighted lawn ornament that really looks nothing at all like a Chargers player since the uniform is completely wrong.

Here's a Matt Ryan inspired one that's a little bit better.

However, in the pantheon of sports Christmas lights, all of these fail miserably in comparison to the animated Dunking Santa. Behold Santa, in all his glory.

Throw it down Santa! Also, Santa's got a better vertical than LeBron James.

By the way, this incredible piece of lighted machinery stands 20-feet high and requires 8 tracks to configure all positions of arms and balls. I don't know what the hell that means, but it sounds time-consuming and difficult. Two things I avoid like the plague. Unfortunately, the company that made this thing appears to have since gone out of business, so here's the cached page for this amazing lighted dunking Santa. Oh, by the way, this thing cost $6200, which might explain why the company has gone out of business. I think the only people in America who would have bought this thing are Shaq, Mark Cuban, and me if I had $6200 laying around.
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12/18/08   |   ajayjanardhan

man christmas celebration.
Merry Christmas to all in advance

12/18/08   |   chicachericola   |   2 respect

Scott wrote:
I'm so glad my dad isnt a member of this site. Our front yard is already a minefield of Christmas decorations and extension cords.

Yours too huh? My Dad is like Clark Griswold with Christmas decorations. Now I look at my weak little string of lights on the outside of my apartment and I do miss it just a little bit. The other 2 guys in the other apartments are big into sports as well. I wonder if I could con them and my landlord into something like this...

12/18/08   |   Scott   |   54667 respect

I'm so glad my dad isnt a member of this site. Our front yard is already a minefield of Christmas decorations and extension cords.

12/18/08   |   Redwingswin

Thats awsome i wish I had some of those

12/18/08   |   alyf

 hmmm....nice lol

12/18/08   |   ladybubbles143

 i love you mark . . .

12/18/08   |   ladybubbles143

 i love it..................

12/18/08   |   ladybubbles143

wow wow  fantastic....

12/17/08   |   alyf

nice goood wow!! lol

12/17/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

The Santa dunking would be better if he was posterizing a reindeer.