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Mar 15, 2013; Chicago, IL, USA; Michigan State Spartans guard Gary Harris (14) dunks against the Iowa Hawkeyes in the second half during the quarterfinals of the Big Ten tournament at the United Center. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
Facebook has changed the way we watch sports, attend games and share that news with our "friends".  After spending my night last night huddled in a corner watching my Michigan State Spartans almost lose an ugly one to the Iowa Hawkeyes in the Big Ten tournament, I couldn't help but think how Facebook has changed the way we watch our sporting events.

As a Michigan State Spartan, connecting with other Spartan college friends, during games, is really fun. Many fellow Spartans are friends that I attended games with during college and since and are die hard fans like me. But everyone takes on different roles on Facebook during games. It cracks me up.

I usually take on a "cheerleader" role. Cheering on my Spartans, Bulls or Bears, before a game starts. If things are going well, or not so well in the case of the first half last night, I am trying to cheer my teams on from afar and through Facebook share that with my Facebook world.

One of my college friends is our "play by play" guy. He comments about 25 times per game (or more) about everything that is happening. As if we each aren't watching the same damn thing! I used to find it annoying, but last night he held back for some reason and I genuinely missed his running commentary on the game. I guess the truth is, if you're going to do it, then do it. Comment, scream, make note, but keep up the pace play by play man!

Then, we have the die hard, who is at almost every game. Always posting game pictures, pictures with players and coaches. This is the guy who is not a frequent poster of words, but someone who you know goes to almost everything. Nope, I'm not jealous much.

The next "facebook type" is the funny commenter. This person is someone who always comes up with something, usually inappropriate and crude, but really funny that posts about games, other posts and pictures. You don't want to laugh, but you always do. Because its funny, and usually true.

The "Non-Fan at the Game" has to be one of the more annoying Facebook posters. This person doesn't really care about either team, possibly even sports in general, yet attends the best games in the best seats. Posts like, "I don't care who wins" and "Who should I root for" are posted often. Ugh. Go home. Why are you taking up space at a great game????

Then, there is the obnoxious fan. This person is someone who posts rude, mean, nasty comments about other teams when they did not even attend the college they are cheering for or have never lived in the city they are a huge fan of. I just don't understand. Where does the undying loyalty come from? I mean you did not attend the college, you never lived there, why the nastiness toward other teams? This Facebook poster is just a bit off.

The final Facebook type is the "linker". This person posts links to everything and anything, but especially to great plays and highlights of their favorite team. I gotta think Keith Applings dunk last night was up on this Facebook poster's page within seconds last night. I like the "linker". And I love that Appling dunk!

I do watch the game, but acknowledge I do check my phone during commercials to see what everyone is saying about the game. Just like in college, everyone plays their parts. Its a nice way to share the moment, even if we all really haven't hung out in awhile.
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What bothers me is people who post their cheers, as if the team can hear what's posted during the game. I have a lot of Texans fans on my TL who clog it up this way, posting "C'mon, Texans!!!" several times a game. THEY CAN'T HEAR YOU. DON'T BOTHER POSTING.