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Finally, A Legal Way To Make Money Off Of An Athlete's Penchant For Marijuana

4/30/08 in NBA   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

I'm sure you're all aware that before the Dallas Mavericks got knocked out of the playoffs, Josh Howard admitted on Michael Irvin's radio show that he smoked pot a lot in the offseason. The hilarity of Howard admitting that on Irvin's show is only surpassed by this incredibly tidbit of information.

There's a sports gambling web site called BetUS that has put up odds not only on what's most likely to happen to Howard next, but also on which NBA players are most likely to openly admit to marijuana use. It's not a fly-by-night site, in fact, it sponsors a number of bloggers. To get on the site, you have to create an account, and put in a deposit. I don't advise doing that but this is apparently the direct link for the marijuana bets should you choose to do that.

And so you don't think I'm making this up, here are the BetUS betting odds courtesy of a recent article in the Detroit Free Press. Buzz Bissinger would approve. Some are of the odds are admittedly surprising.

Allen Iverson: 4/1
Carmelo Anthony: 10/1
Rasheed Wallace: 2/1
LeBron: 40/1
Josh Childress: 4/1
Shaq: 100/1
Dirk: 250/1

I had no idea Childress was such a pothead, but on the flip side, I can't say I'm shocked to see Rasheed as the most likely to admit to smoking. Here are the odds for what's most likely to happen to Howard next.

Arrest: 5/1
Rehab: 20/1
Banned from league: 5/2
Fined by league: 1/2
Starts company with Ricky Williams: 100/1

How is 'banned by the league' 5/2 and 'starts company with Ricky Williams' 100/1? I'm guessing Ricky headed over to Josh's house yesterday.

Anyway, I fully support gambling on dumb athletes. I'm eagerly awaiting BetUS's next odds on which athlete is most likely to get caught in an embarrassing keg-related photo. Just don't bet on Leinart. His odds are 1/1.
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5/2/08   |   bayareabeast21   |   350 respect

Either your parents are psychos or you used it as an excuse.  Why were you living at home at 19?

Robin Williams would drive me to meth, he sucks.

you're a jackass

5/1/08   |   bayareabeast21   |   350 respect

My parents put me in a rehab place for weed when I was 19. Turns out I missed Robin Williams by 3 years, he lives out here in Sonoma.


Now that would have been an interesting 28 days, hanging out in rehab with Robin Williams.

5/1/08   |   arthur1721

going to rehab? are u an idiot, nobodys ever gone to rehab for pot its not addicting

5/1/08   |   TonyBaronie

Congrats you got on's Hot Clicks page

5/1/08   |   bayareabeast21   |   350 respect


5/1/08   |   Ryan   |   153 respect

Why isn't Yao Ming on this list?

5/1/08   |   CriticalFanatic

andyduda2000 wrote:

you ripped off the idea from jim rome. weak.


Rack 'em.

5/1/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

andyduda2000 wrote:

you ripped off the idea from jim rome. weak.


I actually had no idea, since I don't watch Jim Rome. This originally came from the Detroit Free Press article which was published two days ago.

5/1/08   |   tpowell25   |   1627 respect

andyduda2000 wrote:

you ripped off the idea from jim rome. weak.


If it was ripped off from Jim Rome, then it's an automatic improvement.

5/1/08   |   andyduda2000

you ripped off the idea from jim rome. weak.


4/30/08   |   Boski93   |   375 respect

$40 on Bonzi to get sent to the clink, and let me parley that with $20 on Sheed to admit he loves the herb. (Sheed if that's what you want to do, fine. Just stay off the roads my man.)

4/30/08   |   CriticalFanatic

I was going to go with Damon Stoudamire, but he has that oh-so-clever way of "hiding" his weed in tinfoil.

4/30/08   |   100%InjuryRate   |   1283 respect

Really legitimate, can't even spell Carmelo right.

That's not the page actually.