Sports are, after all, unpredictable!

2/19/12 in NHL   |   ironhide10   |   31 respect

The Black Hawks, a National Hockey League team based in Chicago, have surprised the entire America with their mind blowing lead against the New York Rangers. What makes it shocking is the previous record of the Black Hawks that indicated no win for almost a month now and this sudden turn of events is definitely astounding.  
What is even further startling is the fact that the entire lead of 4-2, the four goals being scored by the Hawks came in the first half of the game, of which one was a penalty shot.
This turn of events made the Rangers change the course of their game too, with the team playing in an attacking style and almost scoring a goal.
Such a thrilling game wasn’t without its animosities and controversies. In the second period of the game, the Ranger’s Ryan tried to score a goal but the controversy emerged as to whether the goalie stopped it or not, which according to the referee, he did stop it hence the goal wasn’t considered and this made the coach of the Rangers, Torotella and Ryan, extremely furious because the tide turned them and they were unable to score.
Although the New York Rangers exerted pressure on the opponent team and managed to score twice, leading to the full time score of 4-2, they still named it as a humiliating defeat. The goalie of the Rangers, Biron, managed to save 18 times but there is a contradiction between the actual happening and the reports as to the extent of the confidence the coach has in the team.
Biron reported after the match that if that one penalty could have been saved and the rest of the team was allowed to gain some thrust, that would have been a tremendously better way to start the big game for Rangers.
Another shocking, unpredictable and alarming fact about this match was the score on the power play, which in case of ice hockey means that one team has a numerical advantage temporarily because the opponent team has more players in the penalty area. In case of the power play, the score was very alarming for Rangers since it was 0-7. This further strengthens the position of the Black Hawks as power play of such type has great potential to change the direction of the game.
Ryan of the New York Rangers arrived at a very rational conclusion by stating that despite the fact that one faces a tough game and loses, the feeling is not nice and one should ensure that it never lasts for long. However, this state needs to be accepted and the right lessons need to be learnt from the experience. He termed his group as mature and concluded that they will be better and made sure that the next match has the strategy of being better from the grassroots. 
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