Sportsbooks taking bets on whether 'Family Guy' dog is really dead

Sportsbooks taking bets on whether Brian from 'Family Guy' has actually been killed off

11/26/13 in Gaming   |   JoeKukura   |   492 respect

Blog Photo - Sportsbooks taking bets on whether 'Family Guy' dog is really deadWhat the deuce? In the wake of the shocking TV death of resident dog character Brian on the FOX animated series "Family Guy", several fans have formed conspiracy theories that Brian's death is a hoax and his character will return to the series shortly. Online betting agencies are wagging their tails at this one, and bettors can now wager on whether Brian will be brought back to the cast. Right now, odds are running 2-1 that the loquacious talking dog will indeed return to the cast of "Family Guy".

Compulsive gamblers had better heel on this bet if they live in the US. Paddy Power, the Dublin-based sports book offering this bet, does not accept wagers from US citizens -- or citizens of any country where betting is prohibited.

But if you live in Ireland, the UK or any country where betting is legal, you can bet on whether Brian will return to the show "Family Guy". The terms of the bet are quite specific -- "Applies to the original Brian character being brought back to life and reinstated permanently. Must be confirmed as such by show producers by the end of the 13th series. Bets stand should a 13th series not air."

Blog Photo - Sportsbooks taking bets on whether 'Family Guy' dog is really deadIn other words, it has to be Brian -- a similar dog also voiced by Seth McFarlane will not win this bet. Brian's re-appearance must not be a cameo scene, he must be brought back to life and permanently reinstated as a recurring cast member. His return must occur prior to the end of Season 13 (May of 2015). An Obi-Wan Kenobi-style "spirit appearance" will not win this bet, but a Bobby Ewing-style "It was all a dream" scenario would win this bet.

Paddy Power is offering 2-1 odds on Brain's return, which in the lexicon of betting means "likely to happen". (Bettors must wage $2 to make $1 in winnings.) Brian "truthers" will point out the episode synopsis for the show's Christmas special airing December 15, which notes the plotline "Stewie devises a master plan to get the one and only thing he wants for Christmas".

If you didn't see "Family Guy" this past Sunday, you missed Brian's final scene (embedded below). It's genuinely touching and will really choke you up -- until you remember it's just a cartoon and they will probably bring him back anyway.

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11/26/13   |   Pat   |   5233 respect

I hope it's temporary. I'm already sick of the replacement dog.