Spurs boss Villas-Boas asks to end transfer activity when season begins

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Blog Photo - Spurs boss Villas-Boas asks to end transfer activity when season begins
Tottenham Hotspur manager Andre Villas-Boas has a great deal to say about the transfer window. The White Hart Lane boss insists that all transfer activity for individual domestic leagues should come to an end once the seasonal activities are given a green light
The former Chelsea manager has had quite a few sleepless nights because of the Gareth Bale transfer saga. Villas-Boas’ desire to keep Bale at Spurs for another season was no secret, which is why the Portuguese tactician tried to delay the signing.
Now, Villas-Boas has suggested that all transfer activities should end once the domestic season begins. The Spurs boss believes transfers after the domestic leagues begin upset the balance and create turmoil within teams.
Villas-Boas claims there is no need to make this a blanket rule, but it can be clearly observed that the need for such a decree has become imperative.
“I said this in the past. I think, to be fair, the Premier League has proposed this to UEFA but it would cause many disruptions because there were leagues that were okay with it and others that weren’t,” Villas-Boas said in a recent press conference.
Villas-Boas further stated that a lot of managers had called upon the governing body of football to introduce such rules, which means a solution is in need.
“I think you have seen recently from most of the managers a great will for it to happen. I would vote yes. I don’t think it disturbs preparations to the extent that you know somebody is going to be involved in a transfer or you want to bring somebody, you know the squad of the players that you have available, so you have to go forward the same way but I think it can mess with players’ heads to some extent.
“I think it would be good for each league if the market would finish for that league on the first day of the season, meaning from any other league you couldn’t buy from that league as the league already started.
“I think that is something that is easily applicable. I see no reasons why it couldn’t happen.”
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