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There are many out there who, had they made the same parlay play I made last night, would be jumping up and down and crowing abou their delicate genius. Not me. The fact of the matter is, and I don't mind admitting it, I got away with one by cashing that ticket. It was eerie how similar both games were. Both Marquette and UNLV were horrible for the first 3/4 of their respective games. Fortunately for me though, both teams kept scratching away and when they were given an opportunity to kick the door open, they both did. And I will be the first to tell you that it was nothing but good fortune and not any skill on my part to be able to cash in. Neither game went the way I thought they would play out, but sometimes I guess it's just better to be lucky than good. And in case you're wondering, I'm not giving the proceeds of the (-135) payout on that ticket back because of some sense of guilt. HA!



Busy. Busy. Busy day for Hump Day. Let's get humpin'.



COLLEGE HOOPS (11-8 ATS/13-6 SU/12-7 TOTALS last night and 19-12/23-8/18-13 so far for the week)



BUTTA (1-0 last night and 2-0 so far for the week)

1. UConn (-3, O123 1/2) 77, S. FLORIDA 58 - UConn has been a little skitterish down the stretch, but they are the vastly superior team in this matchup. S. Florida is only 2-14 SU in conference play and 2-8 ATS in their last 10 home games. They are nothing close to being a good team, or a challenge for the Huskies if UConn decides to play. I'm also not giving much credence to the fact that it's Senior Night for the Bulls. What I've found over the last couple of years is that last home game scenarios come down to about a 50/50 proposition, so it's all about which team is actually better.

2. Tennessee (-220) over AUBURN - I'm not sure how damaging the Vols' loss on Saturday was to them, but I'm pretty sure that will create a great deal of motivation for them tonight. I'm not going to lay the number hung on them because even though Tennessee is 10-3 ATS in their last 13 road games, the home team in this series has gone 12-1 ATS in the last 13 meetings. Auburn does have a lot of promise, but they are very young and shoot a terrible percentage offensively. Tennessee is the better team and should prove it with a win here.




1. MARYALAND (+1, O144 1/2) 77, N. Carolina 71

2. MIAMI-FLA. 47, Georgia Tech (+12 1/2, U120) 46

3. N. CAROLINA ST. (-13, O147 1/2) 94, Wake Forest 67

4. NEBRASKA (+8, U124 1/2) 64, Minnesota 44

5. PURDUE (+6 1/2, O133) 75, Michigan 67

6. IOWA ST. (-3 1/2, U147 1/2) 77, Oklahoma St. 70

7. OKLAHOMA (-9 1/2, O138 1/2) 89, W. Virginia 62

8. SYRACUSE (-19 1/2, U147 1/2) 84, DePaul 61

9. VILLANOVA 57, Georgetown (+1, U122 1/2) 56

10. Tulane (+3 1/2, O146) 81, E. CAROLINA 79

11. HOUSTON (-12 1/2, U146) 85, Rice 59

12. Smu (+4, O128) 72, TULSA 67

13. UAB (-4 1/2, O145 1/2) 83, C. Florida 64

14. New Mexico 63, NEVADA (+8, U133) 61

15. SAN DIEGO ST. (-12 1/2, U136) 67, Air Force 53

16. WYOMING (+5, U121) 61, Colorado St. 58

17. Tennessee (-5, U129 1/2) 72, AUBURN 52

18. FLORIDA 60, Vanderbilt (+18 1/2, U117 1/2) 53

19. S. CAROLINA (-8 1/2, O129 1/2) 78, Mississippi St. 56

20. TEXAS A&M (-5, O129 1/2) 75, Lsu 67

21. CAL (-5, U133 1/2) 76, Stanford 54

22. WASHINGTON (-6, O133) 75, Usc 65

23. WASHINGTON ST. (+3, O137 1/2) 76, Ucla 70



THE NBA (2-1 last night and 13-6 so far for the week)



SU WINNERS (2-1 last night and 14-5 so far for the week)




We haven't had any for awhile, so why not splurge big with 2 games that are coming out in a statistical tie for tonight with Celtics/PACERS and Raptors/SUNS?



TOTALS (2-1 last night and 14-5 so far for the week)

OVERS - Jazz/CAVS (201 1/2), Celtics/PACERS (184 1/2), 76ers/HAWKS (189 1/2), Magic/HEAT (203 1/2), Blazers/GRIZZLIES (185), Lakers/HORNETS (201 1/2), Bucks/CLIPPERS (204) and Kings/WARRIORS (222 1/2)

UNDERS - Nets/BOBCATS (190 1/2), Knicks/PISTONS (194 1/2), Wizards/WOLVES (188), Rockets/MAVS (221 1/2), Bulls/SPURS (191) and Raptors/SUNS (192)



BUTTA (1-0 last night and 2-0 so far for the week)

I've got nothing for The Association tonight. As you'll see as we go through these games, there are just too many that look way too funky to me.




1. BOBCATS (+9) vs. Nets - Charlotte is awful, but the Nets haven't been doing anything lately to warrant this kind of price. Nets 97, BOBCATS 93

2. CAVS (+1) vs. Jazz - It will be real interesting to see how the Cavs respond to choking away that game against the Knicks on Tuesday night. CAVS 104, Jazz 100

3. Celtics (+9) at PACERS - The Pacers have the young legs, and the Celts are on the b2b. I still think this is probably way too many points to lay for a game that involves 2 teams that succeed or fail based on their defense. Celtics 99, PACERS 99

4. 76ers (+8 1/2) at HAWKS - It happens occasionally where a bad team is in a good spot. The Hawks are back home for the 1st time off a dismal western swing, and the Sixers, even though they are on the b2b tonight, are 7-2 ATS in the last 9 games in this series. It's also noteworthy that the dog has gone 8-1 ATS in the last 9 meetings as well. HAWKS 97, 76ers 94

5. Magic (+15 1/2) at HEAT - This should be a walk in the park for The Champs, but Orlando has gone 18-8 ATS in the last 26 games in this series. Also, the Heat have the Pacers up next, and Indiana has punched them in the mouth twice already this season. HEAT 107, Magic 103

6. PISTONS (+2 1/2) vs. Knicks - It was a rousing comeback by the Knicks against the Cavs, and all was accomplished after 'Melo went down with an injury. Teams will often respond well for a game or two after their superstar is unavailable, but you have to wonder if the Knicks might not be hearing footsteps with the recent play of the Celtics. Knicks 96, PISTONS 94

7. GRIZZLIES (-6 1/2) over Blazers - This actually looks like the best play on the board for tonight. I'm not going to pull the trigger on it though because I don't like the inconsistency the Griz have shown so often on offense so far this season. GRIZZLIES 110, Blazers 91

8. HORNETS (+2 1/2) vs. Lakers - L.A. is back under .500 again after last night's loss to the Thunder. The Stingers are a feisty bunch, and the Lakers have had their road woes so far this season. It just looks too weird though, to see this projection. HORNETS 115, Lakers 103

9. WOLVES (+2) vs. Wizards - I understand why the Wiz are the favorite here, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if they actually did pop up and win this game. WOLVES 88, Wizards 86

10. MAVS (-2) over Rockets - This is a strange home-an-home situation with a few days in between games, but it is what it is. The Mavs are fading fast, but maybe they draw a little strength from being at home tonight. MAVS 112, Rockets 104

11. SPURS (-8) over Bulls - The Bulls have been a terrific road team so far this season, but we've seen what happens, regardless of venue, when they run up against the best teams in the league. SPURS 100, Bulls 88

12. SUNS (+1 1/2) vs. Raptors - I say the best thing you could do with this game is flip a coin and live with the decision. Raptors 93, SUNS 93

13. Bucks (+9 1/2) at CLIPPERS - The Clips are knocking down wins at a good pace over the last few weeks, but they aren't covering numbers. They're only 3-7 ATS in their last 10 home games, but there's no way I can trust the mercurial Bucks. CLIPPERS 109, Bucks 102

14. Kings (+11) at WARRIORS - The Kings don't have any trouble scoring. They just don't defend much either. That could be a real problem against the Warriors, but I think maybe the Kings size in the paint may be able to keep them in this one. WARRIORS 120, Kings 115



How about that for a Hump Day schedule, huh? Plenty to keep us all busy all night long. Have a great rest of your Wednesday, and I'll see you again tomorrow.

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