St. Louis Rams RB Zac Stacy to start yet again

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsSt. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher confirmed on Monday that this year’s pick Zac Stacy would start again when they face the Houston Texans. Stacy was considered to be a potentially good draft pick for the 2013 NFL draft and was solid for the NFL Combine. He was a fifth round pick by the Rams.
His performance has definitely been good for the Rams, who showed visible improvement with him starting. He had 14 carries for 78 yards. Since it has been by far the best game they have had, it was obvious that he would get another opportunity to start his position.

“Yes, I think we’ll probably start this game off the same way we did yesterday,” coach Fisher said.

Stacy has shown through his performance on the field that he packs more talent than predicted from him. With him in the team, the offense has gotten stronger and the team is getting more productive. With Zac as running back, the teams rushing attack has revitalized and it is actually starting to be successful. He is persistent, can lead rushing offenses gain yards.
Coach Fisher had Zac under his radar and his performance against the Jaguars was something that made him stand out and earn him the starting position.
“(I) would’ve liked to see him get more carries, but that was the way the game went. He was hitting the hole and he had yards after contact -- the violent yards, we refer to them at the running back position,” the coach said. “He got to what he needed to do in the passing game and I thought in protection he was excellent.”
Although Zac played against the Jaguars who have the worst rush defense in the league so far, it wasn’t the rushing offense that caught his attention but the fact that he managed to gain yards after contact, which was something the other running backs had failed to achieve. Without Zac, the team had an average of 1.15 yards gain after contact. Zac had 32 yards after contacts which averages to 2.29 yards per carry, meaning that his performance alone doubled the figures.
The St. Louis Rams will face the Houston Texans this week and will be a more challenging matchup. The Texans are losing 126 yards per game to opponents and their own rushing offense is rusty at best.
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