St. Louis Rams played “unprofessional” contact game against Washington Redskins

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Quarterbacks never want the opponents to think they are afraid of contact so as to be intimidated by rival defense throughout the season. Washington Redskins Robert Griffin III quarterback had similar motives when he was handled roughly and in an “unprofessional” manner at Sunday’s 31-28 loss.
Robert Griffin III accused the St. Louis Rams defensive players of playing “dirty” in the game that went unnoticed in the eyes of the replacement referees, who have been broadly criticized even before the start of the preseason. But what really ticked-off Robert Griffin III was that the defense threatened to further pound him on every single play, as if that weren’t common in NFL.
"I remember one play," said quarterback Robert Griffin III. “After the play, the guy said: 'We're going to hit you every play.'
"I said: 'Isn't this football?' It's nothing that I'm not used to,” reflected Robert Griffin III.  “It was extremely weird the way they went about it, though."
Although Robert Griffin III was sacked only once throughout the whole game, the St. Louis Rams kept mounting the pressure by repeatedly knocking him down.
"I don't want to tip-toe the lines of anything that's happened with bounties or anything like that,” said Robert Griffin III, “but they were definitely going after me. They made it a point, obviously, all week to hit me.”
“Some of the shots were cheap of that nature. But it's nothing I can control,” continued Robert Griffin III.
The rookie quarterback believed that most NFL teams felt he wouldn’t fare well in full contact, but despite all doubts, Robert Griffin III contested he has proven otherwise. The Washington Redskins aren’t too ecstatic about letting Robert Griffin III making unnecessary contact, due to his impact on the offense. A healthy Robert Griffin will carry the team a lot further considering he will be handling the ball majority of the time throughout the season, after already rushing for 20 along with 55 pass attempts.
 "There was some extracurricular stuff going on after the plays," stated Robert Griffin III, and that is where the Washington Redskins draw the line to avoid injuries.
Although Robert Griffin III agreed that the St. Louis Rams were an “extremely good team” still he found they played the game in an “unprofessional” manner.
“Who am I to talk? I've barely been a pro for very long but from what I experienced against the Saints compared to that game,” continued said Robert Griffin III, “it was definitely unprofessional and it does need to be cleaned up."
The Washington Redskins have been immersed in preparation throughout the week for next game against the Cincinnati Bengals, but team coach Mike Shanahan feared the replacement referees will live-up to their reputation of maintaining no “control in that game.”
“Hopefully officials next week will take control,” stated Mike Shanahan.
The Washington Redskins are headed into Week 3 after going 1-1, and they require a reliable defensive line and strong running game has to restrict opponents from scoring after allowing 63 points this season.  Key defensive players such as Brian Orkapo and Aaron Carriker are also sitting out the season due to injuries.
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