Stackhouse not allowed back in Dallas if shipped to New Jersey. Thorn says team, Stackhouse had no previous arrangement

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The league has now ruled against Stackhouse and the Mavericks scheme to get him back in Dallas after a proposed trade would send him to New Jersey where it would be followed up with a buyout, a 30 day rest, and then him resigning with the Mavericks.

Apparently Stackhouse's comment, which included the following, is the reason the NBA is shutting the deal down.

"I get 30 days to rest, then I'll be right back,'' Stackhouse told The Associated Press on Wednesday in response to the proposed trade. "I ain't going nowhere."

Way to go Stackhouse. First George nixes the deal. Then you open your mouth and make a mockery out of the situation. Luring all of the NBA executives and personel out of their caves. Budweiser should make a commercial about you... Mr ... well, hell. Anyone got some good names for him?

More on the story here.

As far as NJ president Thorn not knowing that Stackhouse was planning to resign with Dallas if his contract was bought out, I highly doubt it. Thorn responded by saying, "I'm perfectly willing to take Stackhouse on my team. You can't make deals like that," he said. "Those are illegal. You can't do that. I'm not going to do it."

Thorn also stated in regards to the trade possibilities, "Right now it's inconclusive. All I know is, a deal was made ... we agreed to a deal, we were getting the NBA office [to approve it]. Right now, it's definitely on hold."
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