Stan Van Gundy Gives His Two Cents About Why Dwight Howard Wasn't Happy In LA

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Apr 28, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers center Dwight Howard (12) grabs a rebound away from San Antonio Spurs power forward Matt Bonner (15) during 1st half action in game four of the first round of the 2013 NBA playoffs at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY SportsStan Van Gundy, who was famously fired from the Orlando Magic, likely because of Dwight Howard, has expressed why he thinks the big man isn't happy in LA.

He went on The David Baumann Show and said what everyone in the world already knows: Howard wasn't happy with the offense last season.

Van Gundy said:

"I do think that Dwight was not real happy with his offensive role. He looks around and says, 'Probably with Kobe Bryant and Steve Nash and Pau Gasol ... I'm going to have to, at best, share billing. I'm not going to be the featured guy.'”

Sure, he probably wasn't too happy with Mike D'Antoni's offense which plays to none of his strengths, and quite frankly was a dumb system to implement with this team. However, it probably doesn't have as much to do with Bryant, Nash and Gasol being on the team with him.

Bryant is a tough leader, and the two have had their differences, but they seem to have worked things out. The Black Mamba even tweeted that he's going to spend time with the big man this off-season.

Nash doesn't need any glory other than being able to assist his teammates. Despite being the best shooter on the team last season, he would rarely take shots, which should mean more for Howard. This works hand in hand with Gasol because when the two 7-footers were working together, everything ran smoothly.

It was just a matter of getting all these guys healthy, on the court together and running an offense that works to their strengths.

Obviously, Van Gundy knows his basketball, but he also likely feels slighted by Howard because of their history, so it's not shocking that he would think Howard would react this way to his teammates.

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