Stanley Cup Final Starts Tonight

It's time for the Rangers and Kings to get this party started! [Live Thread]

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Blog Photo - Stanley Cup Final Starts TonightIt started in October and has all come down to this.  Tonight the Stanley Cup final series gets underway in Los Angeles. 

The New York Rangers could be said to have an advantage over those Kings, but I wouldn't count on that too much.  The two teams met last in November, twice, and each team won in the other's arena.  The Rangers disposed of the Montreal Canadiens in only six games, while it took the Kings all seven, including overtime, to dispatch the Chicago Blackhawks.  

Does that mean the Rangers are the better team?  Definitely not.  It simply means they have had more rest.

The Kings seem to thrive on the pressure play.  They don't get at all rattled if they fall behind, rather, they dig deeper and find what they need to pull out all the stops.  With Quick in the net they seem, at times, unstoppable. 

The Rangers, on the other hand, like to take that commanding lead.  They work hard to get into the opposing team's zone and get the shots on goal.  They were able to do that with the Canadiens, but may find it more difficult to burn their way through the Kings defence.  The Kings forecheck is much stronger, in my opinion, than that of the Canadiens.
Blog Photo - Stanley Cup Final Starts Tonight
One thing is for certain, no matter how much we analyze, predict or even trash talk, once the game is underway we will get our only true idea of how the series will play out.

King Henrik will be in goal for the Rangers, while the Kings will have Quick.  Lundqvist plays more in the goal, on his feet, while Quick challenges outside.  Jonathon likes to drop down to cover the net, while Henrik stays on his feet longer trying to cut down on all the angles.  Both are incredible talents, and both do their teams proud.  

The game gets underway in only a couple of hours, live on both NBC and CBC, and you can bet Twitter will be abuzz with all the inside info.  We invite you to join with us and chat it up here as well.  You can make your picks for Q-bucks here, and there are a ton of game and series polls to enter.  

Who ya got?

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6/5/14   |   Jess   |   35090 respect

That was friggin awesome

6/4/14   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

Once again it went to OT and the Kings, courtesy of Justin Williams, score the first victory.

6/4/14   |   Debi_L   |   11868 respect

So far I'm pretty impressed with the calibre of play in this game!