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Kyle Busch Wins at Fontana. Stewart, Hamlin, Logano meet unexpectedly!

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Feb 16, 2013; Daytona Beach, FL, USA; NASCAR Sprint Cup Series drivers Joey Logano (22) , Jimmie Johnson (48) , Mark Martin (55) , Martin Truex Jr. (56) , Kevin Harvick (29) , Denny Hamlin (11) and Kyle Busch (18) crash in turn two during the Sprint Unlimited at Daytona International Speedway. Mandatory Credit: Douglas Jones-USA TODAY SportsAfter a less than boring ending to the California race the teams get the week off. Easter and Mother's Day are the 2 holidays Nascar takes off.  Kyle Busch took the checkers, the first win at the Fontana Speedway for owner Joe Gibbs and Toyota's first Auto Club Speedway win. Interestingly, Toyota's racing development is just 45 mins down the road from the speedway.  Joey Logano it seems has started feuds with two of Nascar's premier drivers. Hamlin and Stewart, the latter being just a tad more upset after being blocked in the final laps of Sunday's race.Tuesday it was announced by Nascar that no fines would be levied against Tony Stewart, Joey Logano, or Denny Hamlin. It was concluded that Denny and Joey were just racing one another and no malice was involved. As for the incident on pit road between Tony and Joey, Nascar said they had implemented the "let them handle it themselves" and that is what they did. I am shocked, maybe surprised a bit. Is Nascar playing favorites? I would like to add, Denny will be out for at least 6 weeks due to his injury. I know we all wish him a speedy recovery. this does however, pretty much take him out of contention for a Championship run this year.

For this weeks discussion, I am again joined by Eric (gearhead) , Debi (JrCanuckFan), and Scott (Scott). Let's get to it.

 After 5 races, covering most of the tracks except the road courses. Has your opinion changed about the new car?
Eric: I give it a B/B- so far. I've seen two good races and two blah races so far. I only watched the very end of the California race, and while that part was exciting, I've heard the 350 miles leading up to it weren't much to write home about. That, however, could be a product of races that are too long more than anything else.
Debi: Absolutely not.  I love the new car.  I love the look, the way the brand is identifiable, the way it seems to drive.  I'm only looking forward to more racing.
Scott: I was hoping that once the cars got out of Daytona, we'd see what the Gen 6 car was about and so far, I like what I see.  Sure, there has been some lulls during the races but over 400-500 miles, that's bound to happen.  In the end, we've seen some very competitive racing, some exciting finishes and quite a bit of controversy.  IMO, that's a step in the right direction.
Jen: I am loving the new car. I have seen side by side racing which I wasn't sure could be done. I can't wait for the road races.

Debi:  I just have to add, Scott, that we always see the mid-race lulls.  I didn't think the new car could "fix" that.

 If you watched the Sprint cup race: What are your thoughts on Joey and his block?
Eric: Funny thing is, to me it looked like it was Hamlin that wrecked Logano, as kind of an "oh, *bleep* it" move after their banging opened the door for Kyle to pass them. I missed the block Logano threw on Stewart that pissed him off so, which is funny because Stewart isn't exactly innocent when it comes to that. Whatever, it's just more Bread and Circuses for the racing series that specializes in it.
Debi: I didn't see the Sprint Cup race, but I did see numerous replays.  Ya gotta do what you gotta do.  Block?  Looked pretty tame compared to some I have seen.  Tony has thrown some pretty definitive blocks in his time
Scott: Even though I am a Tony Stewart fan, I don't see anything wrong with the move.  Logano was protecting his spot and trying to hold on to a chance to possibly win the race late and I'm sure if the roles were reversed, Stewart would've done the same thing.  I think Stewart was just unhappy because he's struggled so far this season and he had a car that was good enough to possible win the race.  As a team owner were winning is the most important thing, I can see why he would be upset.
Jen: Joey did what any driver protecting his line would of done. Stewart has done it numerous times. I understand his frustration, he's had a blah year so far.

 Should Nascar get involved considering their "go attem boys", they have been spouting for the past couple of years?
Eric: This time someone got seriously hurt for the first time because of it (Hamlin has a compression fracture in the L1 vertebra in his back). It's going to get someone killed someday if they don't put a stop to it. I, and others, have been saying it ever since the "have it boys" decree came down. Rubbin' may be racing in this format, but wreckin' isn't. We can't forget that these drivers put their lives on the line every time they get in a race car, and that can't be put at risk for needless and stupid things.
Debi: I'm loving the drivers being able to express themselves without being punished.  If a driver is pissed at another driver, he should be able to let him know, not have to make some milk toast speech to the media about how they "talk" about it.  This is good for the sport, and what the fans want to see, I'm sure.
Scott: Given the seriousness of Hamlin's injury, I'd say Nascar is probably going to have to reel these guys in a bit.  Like Eric said, you can't be having these guys intentionally wrecking one another to the point where their lively hood is in danger. 
Jen: I have voiced my opinion of this many times. I am very happy to see that Nascar kept it's word this time. friction translates into great racing. I know someone who doesn't agree with me, but I have watched this race series for many years and the rivalries are great, as long as no one gets hurt.
Eric: Trash talk is well and good, but do they want to see wrecks? The cheers during wrecks indicate that, and well, that's not something I'm ever going to see eye to eye on that one.
Debi: I don't think I said anything about wrecks, did I?  I'm talking about Clint rushing over to "talk" to Jeff Gordon, Smoke rushing over to "talk" to Joey Logano.  You can't say "boys have at it" then tell them they can't "talk" to another driver regarding their issues.  Do I think they should "talk" using their cars? Of course not. To think that is moronic.
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AJ Allmendinger tested an IZOD IndyCar at Texas Motor Speedway earlier this week.  IT seems he WILL drive a car for Penske, both in the Indianapolis 500 and at Alabama, in a week.  He hasn't spent time in an IndyCar on an oval since 2006