Start Your Engines: IndyCar Season Preview

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Blog Photo - Start Your Engines: IndyCar Season PreviewAfter an interminably long offseason, this weekend the IZOD IndyCar Series begins its 2013 from the streets of St. Petersburg. As such, this week's Start Your Engines will primarily concentrate on previewing the upcoming season. We'll also take a look at last weekend's goings on at Bristol and throughout the world of motorsports. Joining me as always are Debi (JrCanuckFan), Jen (JenX63), and Scott.

The IndyCar season begins next weekend at St. Petersburg. What are you looking at going into the season? How will Ryan Hunter-Reay defend his title? Is this finally the year for Will Power? How will the racing be in the 2nd year of the DW12?

Above all else, I'm just looking forward to being able to talk about racing again and not politics. I'm also excited about the competitiveness. At the test last week at Barber, 16 drivers were within a second of each other, and almost everyone was faster than the track record. There's a lot of talent in this series right now, and with a second year of development with the DW12, the speeds look ready to come up to go with the tight racing we saw last year.

As for the champion, anyone that thinks Hunter-Reay was a fluke will be sorely mistaken. There are some changes to Andretti Autosport this year, but I expect RHR and his team to defend the title with everything they got. As for Will Power, with 13 of the 19 races on road and street courses, you would think this would finally be his year, and but we've thought that before. The main title contenders are the obvious four: RHR, Power, Dixon, and Franchitti, who I think will bounce back after a down year (except Indy of course). However, most of the time a good 10-15 drivers are going to have a chance to win every race, and it's that kind of competition I can't wait to see.

Debi: I'm just looking forward to the style of racing.  I'm not a diehard fan, so I don't follow all the engine types, brand names, teams, etc. the way I do in NASCAR.  I just enjoy the style.  I'm sorry, but I have no idea what RHR will do to defend his title, or even what he CAN do, except drive the car.  As for Will Power, with a name like he has, he should be champion.  He's really talented, so I do look for him to be a contender.  As for the DW12, it definitely seemed safer, but the fender thingies were cumbersome, if I recall correctly.  I don't know if they did anything to make them less "there", but I hope so.

Eric: The point of the wheel backs (coined "Carbashians" by some one) is to prevent launching if cars collide, a la the Wheldon tragedy. The jury is still out on whether they actually do that.

Scott: To be honest, I'm just looking forward to watching something other then Nascar.  While I enjoy the Sprint Cup series, IndyCar is something different and as an auto racing fan, you really can't get enough of watching other types of racing.  As for Hunter-Reay and Will Power, I expect another battle between the two for the title and hopefully, guys like Scott Dixon, Dario Franchitti and Helio Castroneves can make it a 5 way race for the title. 

Jen: As I don't follow Indy racing, I really don't feel I can offer anything here. I am going to try to catch at least one race this year, maybe more.

Eric: I hope you do Jen. The racing was pretty good last year, and hopefully it will be again. Well, not at Belle Isle. I would avoid that one.

Of the drivers in new places this year, which do you think will have the best season? (For reference the changes are: Graham Rahal and James Jakes to Rahal/Letterman, Simona de Silvestro to KV, EJ Viso to Andretti Autosport, Takuma Sato to Foyt, and Sebastian Saavedra to Dragon Racing)

Eric: I'm hoping the answer ends up Simona. After three years with an underfunded team and one with a sled of an engine, she is finally in a position where she can show her talent. If the Barber test was any indication, she's up to the task. If Simona isn't the most successful old face in a new place, then it'll probably be Graham. For whatever reason, it didn't work out at Ganassi, so maybe teaming up with Dad will help Graham turn his potential into results. The Sato/Foyt team could also surprise, and if not, it'll at least be a fun combination.

Debi: I can't stand Bobby Rahal.  I'm sorry, my dislike of him goes waaaay back, and Eric, you already know this. I try not to dislike Graham, just because he is Bobby's son, but it's difficult.  Now that he is with Rahal-Letterman, it is going to be even harder.  I will be watching Simona.  I really hope she does well this year.

Scott: I'm going to go out on a limb and take EJ Viso.

Eric: That is also possible. His overall results didn't show it last year, but Viso only wrecked himself once. Improvement!

Blog Photo - Start Your Engines: IndyCar Season PreviewOutside of the obvious suspects, your Penskes and Ganassis, what drivers and/or teams do you expect to make noise this season?

Sam Schmidt Motorsports (or whatever they call themselves now). Simon Pagenaud was very good as a "rookie" last year, finishing 5th in the championship. With another year together, I fully expect that team to win at least one race this year, and maybe be a sleeper title contender. The team also added the only full-time rookie this year, Indy Lights champ Tristan Vautier. Vautier moved up the ladder very quickly, and showed in the offseason tests he has a lot of talent. On the driver side, it feels like this is the year James Hinchcliffe breaks out and picks up his first win.
Scott: Andretti Autosport and Rahal/Letterman, especially with Graham Rahal behind the wheel

Debi: Ugh.  I'm so very sick of the Penskes and Ganassis.  I want them to fail!!! Sorry, but it's a little frustrating to watch a race and they always seem to be the only equipment that doesn't fail, the only teams that can make repairs and get back in a race quickly.  I won't know who to watch until I see the first race.

What does IndyCar need to do to grow the sport? This topic has been discussed ad nauseum all offseason by IndyCar fans. Since I've been inundated with ideas all winter, I'm going to leave this question to you guys, since you have a more outsiders perspective. Keep in mind that spending a bunch of money is not an option at this time.

I haven't seen or heard any of the off-season discussion, so I have no idea what they have discussed.  I honestly don't know what the answer is, but I would for sure look for some sponsors who are more American mid-stream.  I'd also encourage the drivers to make commercials that enable them to become household names.  I think the US needs to become interested and to do that, they have to give people something they want.  Right now the series seems snooty.

Scott: I think Debi was point on when she said IndyCar needs to get themselves a big time American sponsor. They also need to find themselves a big time TV contract that will allow them some better time slots on channels that most people won't have to go "looking for".  I would also like to see other media outlets put forth more of an effort covering the sport, but I think we all know that's never really going to happen.  Nascar is the media darling.  IndyCar and other racing are the black sheep of the family.

Eric: This and what Debi said point to the issue. IndyCar has to show it can deliver an ROI worth it for companies to get involved, which to do so, it needs more fans. For whatever reason, people have rejected the product. The TV contract is an issue, but it's the same problem. Even if IndyCar got out of it, who would want it at the miniscule rating the series currently pulls? These are tough questions, and I certainly don't have the answers. We can only hope Mark Miles and Jeff Belskus do.

In one sentence, who wins the IndyCar championship?

My gut is saying that this will be Scott Dixon's year.

Debi: I have no idea.  I want to see a race first.

Scott: I think Will Power finally crosses the threshold as the bride and not the bridesmaid.

On the next page, we turn to NASCAR at Bristol and the rest of the week in auto racing.
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Kyle Busch wins the Nationwide race with Hornish jr, Smith (Regan), Kliegerman, Dillon and Kyle Larson your top 6.
Pastrana finished 13th.

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Travis back in the top 10, maybe this is his breakthrough race!

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

it seems the drivers are only having trouble with themselves today.

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

another debris caution

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Vickers definitely out due to engine trouble.

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Busch back in the lead with Hornish right behind him.

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

However long it might be, Pastrana made it to the top 10! I'm excited!

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Pastrana moved up to 12th.

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Vickers being pushed to garage, his day may be done and Harraka's engine blew

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Busch and Hornish playing tag for 1st and 2nd spot.

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Lap 54, Vickers to pit road for smoke in the car

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Pastrana is holding steady at 13th.

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Looks like the #79 driven by Paulie Harraka slid along the wall and then caught on fire. Caution is out again.

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Regan Smith brought out the first caution with a flat left front tire. This caused a lot of discussion since flat lefts are an anomaly, I had no idea.

3/23/13   |   JenX63   |   32900 respect

Nationwide race is underway. It's gorgeous in California.