Stats prove Broncos have best traveling NFL road fans

Statistics prove that the Denver Broncos have the best traveling road fans in the NFL

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Blog Photo - Stats prove Broncos have best traveling NFL road fansSorry, Pittsburgh Steelers fans -- a scientific analysis assessing NFL teams' fans by how much they'll travel cross-country to watch their club's away games for 2013 found that Bronco Nation are the NFL's best road fans. The Denver Broncos are the top ticket-selling road team in the NFL this season, followed by the Dallas Cowboys, the San Francisco 49ers, the New England Patriots and the Green Bay Packers. The Steelers placed sixth among traveling away-game fans in the NFL.

The data is from ticket resale firm Vivid Seats, and measures the increase or decrease in average ticket prices for NFL team's away games for 2013. It is preseason data, ticket prices will change. But teams like the Broncos and Cowboys are increasing second-hand ticket sale prices by as much as 50%. Teams like the Jaguars and Rams are decreasing prices by more than 20% when visiting an away stadium.

The data on each NFL team's effect on ticket prices is summarized in Forbes magazine and represented as an infographic on Deadspin."When the Denver Broncos play on the road, their presence increases the home team’s ticket prices on the secondary market by 53.7 percent," writes Alicia Jessop at Forbes. "This percentage makes the Broncos the best road draw of any NFL team this season."

Blog Photo - Stats prove Broncos have best traveling NFL road fansThe Broncos actually owe this title to a statistical anomaly -- their October 20 game at Indianapolis. That's Peyton Manning's first trip back to Indy as a Denver Bronco, and tickets for that game are going at 175% above face value. It's fair to assume that Colts fans have a great deal to do with that price increase. Removing that game from the statistical set, the Broncos would fall to fifth on the list and the Cowboys would be first.

Deadspin also made a funny infographic separating the top-selling teams by whether they are actually any good. Teams are separated into quadrants on the graph -- Good teams that people give a s*** about, Bad teams that people give a s*** about, Bad teams that nobody gives a s*** about, and Good teams that nobody gives a s*** about.
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