Steelers RB Le’Veon Bell will recover, no need for surgery

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsIn a press conference conducted on Thursday, Coach Mike Tomlin of Pittsburgh Steelers was the bearer of good news confirming the team’s second-round pick Le’Veon Bell was not seriously injured and would be able to play in the coming weeks. Still, he was hesitant to give a specific date of his return or details regarding the estimated time of recovery.
Le’Von Bell is a round two pick of 2013 NFL Draft straight out of college. The recruit still has to prove himself as a running back and a serious injury could jeopardize his career prematurely.
Starting off the conference, Tomlin confirmed that the main injured player they had been dealing with was Le’Veon Bell. He continued that his injury had been diagnosed as a mid-foot sprain or Lisfranc Injury, which involves dislocation of multiple metatarsals. The extent has not been revealed but it can evolve into serious complications. He said that his condition had changed for the better over the span of the past three days; Le’Veon was feeling less pain and was already undergoing physiotherapy to treat his injury. He confirmed that no surgical procedure was necessary in the healing process.
Tomlin declined to give a detailed timetable about recovery time and when the running back would hit the field. He confirmed that he was doing well with the rehab program and was responding well to the treatment. He was optimistic that he would recover swiftly. In a mid-foot sprain, the fingers are displaced from the joint. Such injury is uncommon in football and the degree of damage depends on the distance of dislocation.
The injury took place during a preseason game against Washington Redskins. Preliminary information reveals that he may be missing action for six of eight weeks. Tomlin waved them off as rumors. He said that people attempt to hit the truth by mere speculations and this just might be some of those rumors.
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