Steelers Tackle Mike Adams Stabbed

Steelers Lineman Stabbed in Suspected Carjacking Attempt

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Blog Photo - Steelers Tackle Mike Adams Stabbed

Steelers offensive tackle Mike Adams was in Pittsburgh's South Side last night, the place to have a good time and the area with the most bars anywhere in the city.  This morning he's in a local hospital.  Adams was stabbed overnight in an attempted robbery, according to the team.  However, nothing was taken and Pittsburgh police have not said whether or not this was indeed a robbery.  Adams is expected to make a full recovery, thankfully.  It just goes to show, watch your back no matter where you are, anything can happen.

UPDATE: It now appears police are investigating this as a possible carjacking attempt.  Police say he was standing next to his parked truck when 3 men approached him, one armed with a gun and another with a knife.  He didn't have his keys and it escalated to where the gun was pointed at him and he was stabbed.

If any other updates become available, we will keep you posted.
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horrible incident.