Steelers coach Mike Tomlin explains tactics used against the Patriots

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Pittsburgh Steelers head coach, Mike Tomlin bluntly answered a reporter when he asked what his goals in the match against the New England Patriots. Tomlin simply answered, “To win”. Tomlin was able to showcase his abilities as a successful manager for the Steelers in the future after his team defeated Patriots by 25-17.

Celebrating in the night, Tomlin hailed his defensive lineup to be the key behind their victory. Tomlin stated that although the win was credited to all departments because of their impressive performance, it was his defensive lineup that ensured Steelers ended up with a victory. Tomlin told media that Steelers defensive lines superbly implemented his tactics which kept Patriots offensive attempts at bay for most of the game.

Tomlin explained his tactics by saying, “We needed to possess the ball offensively. We needed to get third-down stops defensively. Like we said earlier in the week, we didn’t anticipate Tom Brady coming out and throwing four picks, like he did at Buffalo. So we focused our energy on playing man-to-man coverage, and being there to get off the field on third downs on defense, and of course, possessing the ball offensive, and possessing it really through the passing game.”

Things looked to take an ugly turn after quarterback Ben Roethlisberger threw an interception. Roethlisberger threw half-a-tantrum as he pranced along the sidelines only to return later with a turbulent form. However, soon Roethlisberger found back his pace and led the Steelers to the victory.

Tomlin stated that Roethlisberger had proven himself to be Steelers-material time and again, therefore he has full belief in his capabilities. On the interception saga Tomlin commented, “That’s Ben. He does have a short memory. He’s a competitor, not only him but us offensively. It’s more than just the quarterback. They get a lot of attention and rightfully so, but I liked the response of our unit under those circumstances.”

Tomlin also had words of praise for the offensive line. Tomlin extolled their efforts by saying, “Boy they did a really nice job. We had some mixing and matching in that area, not only with the five that started but Jonathan Scott gave us some quality snaps. Our running backs did a nice job, the committee of guys that we played with in terms of pick up and things of that nature. It was just a nice, good unit effort, in regards to possessing the football and protecting the quarterback.”

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