Steelers confident with Charlie Batch starting at center again

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With the mounting injuries to quarterbacks across the league, many teams have been reduced to their third-string quarterbacks. While this generally serves as a disadvantage considering most third-string quarterbacks are rookies, the Pittsburgh Steelers have a rare advantage since they can bring in a start a tenured player at quarterback in case of injuries, with Charlie Batch at third-string.
But despite Charlie Batch’s seasoned age at 38, the Pittsburgh Steelers aren’t concerned about having any problems with Batch starting at quarterback against the Cleveland Browns on Monday.
 “He’s been old. It’s not like he just got old,” said fourth-year Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Mike Wallace. “Chuck’s been old since I got here, so it’s nothing new.”
No other Pittsburgh Steelers is older than Charlie Batch, a former Detroit Lions second-round pick who signed over to the Steelers after the initial four years of his career. Nose tackle Casey Hampton is probably the sole Pittsburgh Steelers player who has precedes Charlie Batch’s initial association with the franchise.
“They say Charlie built the building,” said Pittsburgh Steelers offensive guard Willie Colon. “That’s what I heard.”
While most of the Pittsburgh Steelers can’t resist throwing in a few age-related jokes, they’re nevertheless glad and satisfied with Charlie Batch temporarily moving up from third-string quarterback to starter.
“I feel comfortable with Charlie,” said Mike Wallace. “I feel like he can lead us to victory any game he plays in.”
“Just two years ago when we played with him the first four games we were 3-1,” continued Miek Wallace, “so I’m excited about having Chuck out there.”
For the eighth-time in over 11 seasons with the Pittsburgh Steelers, Charlie Batch will start at center when the 6-4 Steelers host the 2-88 Cleveland Browns. With Pittsburgh Steelers starting quarterback Ben Roethlisberger and backup Byron Leftwich out with rib injuries, Charlie Batch is a sensible choice for the Pittsburgh Steelers compared to other teams with similar roster injuries.
“Charlie’s a well-rounded quarterback who’s ... comfortable running the majority of our offense,” noted Pittsburgh Steelers offensive coordinator Todd Haley. “He’s a veteran savvy guy who’s an accurate thrower, short and long.”
In latest game to-date, Charlie Batch completed 15-of-22 passes with one touchdown in a dominating 27-0 win against the St. Louis Rams last Christmas Eve. Charlie Batch has won 5-2 starts with the Pittsburgh Steelers.
During the past few seasons, Cahrlie Batch has entered the training camp at tops NO.3 on the depth chart, with distant doubts about his roster spot. However, Charlie Batch always manages to earn a start every year and there on his performance excels.
“These opportunities don’t come often anymore,” expressed Charlie Batch. “And here I am, getting up there in years. When you have this opportunity you cherish it.”
Brian Hoyer, who signed with the Pittsburgh Steelers on Tuesday, is the only other healthy quarterback on the roster. While teammates have acknowledged Brian Hoyer’s intelligence and pace of picking-up the offense, the Steelers will emphasize on Charlie Batch.
“Right now, I’m that guy and there’s no telling how long I’ll have this position. It could be one week, it could be two or three. I don’t know,” said Charlie Batch. “But either way, you just go week to week and not worry about what’s going to happen after the fact.”
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