Steelers offense crumbles without Maurkice Pouncey

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsDuring the 2013 season starter against Tennessee Titans, David DeCastro attempted to assist Maurkice Pouncey in blocking Sammie Lee Hill but DeCastro dove into Pouncey’s legs and ended up injuring him with a torn ACL and MCL. Not only did the injury end his season, but the Pittsburgh Steelers are in deep trouble too. The Steelers know all too well that a crumbling offensive line means that the game is about to get a lot worse.
The Steelers have tried to solve the offensive lineup problem but the results are not satisfactory.  Nine draft picks were squandered in offensive linemen between 2009 and 2012.
Pittsburgh has managed to get along the past few years barely by adjusting players on the offensive lineup. Players such as Trai Essex, Max Starks and Doug Legursky have been used but no definite formation has been finalized.
The only pick who has been showing considerable progress and has expectations has been Pouncey, who has proven to be the finest pick of the lot the Steelers have signed in quite a while. Not only this, he has high ranking in the league itself.
This disaster could not have hit at a worse time. With the Steelers lineup rated at number 24 by Sports' Rotoworld before the injury, it is bound to fall down quite a few more numbers. Pouncey was responsible for compensating what the lineup lacked and now he is out of the equation.
For the time being, the Steelers’ starting line as listed on the official site is as follows: David DeCastro at right guard, Mike Adams at left tackle, Kelvin Beachum at center and Ramon Foster at left guard.
The roster is also inclusive of Cody Wallace (center), Guy Whimper (offensive tackle) and Fernando Velasco (center/guard). Velasco was waived by the Tennessee Titans when the preseason concluded and is currently the choice to play center. Even though this line has potential, it is a very young one with little experience and has yet to prove its capabilities.
In the first game against Titans, the Steelers had visible problem to get the ball moving. The linebackers were unable to be of assistance as they could not spot gaps to take advantage. Ben Roethlisberger was pushed to his limits and got sacked 5 times while throwing under 200 yards. The game ended with 32 yards on 15 carries.
The Steelers coaches failed to come up with a lineup that boasted chemistry and skill. The veterans failed to give a proper performance but the weakness was clearly the offensive line. With Pouncey out of the equation for a whole year, this could carry on for the whole season if something is not done.
Something drastic needs to be done if the team has to improve. With the offensive line failing miserably, either the defense has to take the entire burden, which will not happen or the team needs changes. If the same performance persists, this could mean a very low season for the Pittsburgh Steelers.
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