Steelers still winless after Week 4

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsThe Pittsburgh Steelers defense collapsed entirely against the Minnesota Vikings and they are now 0-4. It hasn’t been this bad since 1968 and that was a long time ago.
The defense was entirely to blame this time for the defeat as they failed to contain the relentless offense and put some pressure on the Vikings. In the first half alone the Vikings were able to make touchdowns of 60 and 70 yards. The defense failed to contain the Vikings quarterback Matt Cassel and have now only intensified their losing streak.

Even though Ben Roethlisberger put on quite a game in the 4th quarter, the defense had caused irreversible damage in prior that, which proved too much to recover from. The tackling was awful and excluding strong safety Troy Polamalu, there appeared to be no one doing a penny’s worth of defense.
The Steelers’ linebackers didn’t flash consistency either; and for those who want to lay the blame of Pittsburgh’s defensive-incapability on age, their young talent didn’t shine either.

When wide receiver Greg Jennings ran for the first touchdown, cornerback Cortez Allen made a terrible attempt to stop his and he went on to make a 70 yard touchdown. Outside linebacker Jarvis Jones was totally useless and his only notable appearance came when he failed to recover a loose ball at the conclusion of first half.
The Steelers have officially lost their chance at making it to the playoffs this season and they are required to win all the remaining matches so that they finish at .500, a mark which the team was told to avoid in the future at all costs.

When looking back at the preseason performance the Steelers had put up, one can’t help but think that preseason matches do give a picture of future performance of a team.
On the other hand, it seems that the offense is shaping up though, as offensive coordinator Todd Haley now had Le’Veon Bell and Heath Miller at his disposal. With them at his hand, he has some reliability to take advantage of. The Steelers have lost the respect they had at their defense in their golden ages and now can’t even intimidate rookies.

The Steelers can play the blame game all they want but the facts break down to one point that the players aren’t stepping up to the task. The team doesn’t have good backups to step on the field to replace injured players.
The cheesy performance the Steelers have given has made their chances to the playoffs nonexistent this season but maybe they might have better luck next season. For now, they should learn from their failures and make the best from them. 
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