Steelers vs. Bengals Week 2 Monday Night Football Recap: Don't panic Steeler fans, 0-2 doesn't determine the outcome of the season.

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Are the Steelers done?  Well it's premature to say that they are done...  The Steelers have scored 10 points or less in the last 2 games and the running game is really struggling since Steelers' rookie RB Le'Veon Bell is out due to his lisfranc injury. (Injury to a ligament that stabilizes the midfoot) Also the Steelers are really thin in the Tight End depth as Reserved Tight End David Paulson filled the shoes for Heath Miller and Matt Speath as he had 3 catches for 49 yards but he was partly responsible for why the Steelers had 2 turnovers as he fumble the ball after a 34 yard-gain pass from Big Ben.  Big Ben Roethlisberger had 251 passing yards, completed 20/37 passes, 1 touchdown, 1 interception and got sacked twice by the bengals defense which was surprising...  You would think a defense like the Bengals would get after Big Ben and sack him 3 times or more but it wasn't the case... Let's keep in mind that this is the same bengals' defense who couldn't sack Bears' QB Jay Cutler in Week 1 so the Bengals have on 2 sacks on the year.  

I would say the O-line did a better job tonight than they did in week 1 against the Houston Oilers (Titans) when Big Ben was sacked 5 times against the Oilers.  Felix Jones (Former Cowboys' RB) rushed for only 37 yards as he carried the ball 10 times and his longest rushing yard he gain was 14 yards...  The Steel Curtain didn't get any turnovers but they did denied Bengals' Wide Receiver A.J. Green from getting a touchdown and limited him to only 41 receiving yards in the process.  The Steel Curtain also denied the rest of the Bengals' Wide Receivers and Tight Ends from scoring a touchdown or 2 and held all of the receivers to under 70 yards of receiving.  If it wasn't for the Bengals' Rookie Running Back Giovanni Benard who scored 2 touchdowns, ( 1 rushing and 1 receiving touchdown) the Steelers' would've walked out with a win in a low-scoring close game (10-6 would've been the final score) but it is what it is, the Bengals were a better team even though the final score is 20-10.  
The Steelers will have a decent 6-game stretch when they face the Chicago Bears next week on Sunday Night Football to snap their 2-game setback.  After the Week 3 matchup, they will play the like of the Vikings, Jets, Ravens, Raiders and a week 9 matchup against Tom Brady and the New England Pats in Foxboro.  The Steelers' bye week is on Week 5.  If the Steelers can be 5-1 or 6-0 in the next 6 games, then most people that are saying that the "Steelers are done" will have second thoughts and will start to double-talk and jump right back on the Steelers' bandwagon once again.  It's amazing how many people can really show their true colors once a successful franchise like the steelers are "Caught up in a corner" or on a verge of losing and possibly crumbling to pieces but I'm confident that Coach Mike Tomlin as strong-minded as he is will encourage his team to keep his head up and tell his troops that they have 14 more opportunities to get things rolling in a right direction.  Sometimes, when you want to win, you have to lose and fail before you climb to the top.
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