Stephen A. mocks Spurs role players

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Blog Photo - Stephen A. mocks Spurs role players
Stephen A. Smith, about to say something totally reasonable,
we can only assume.

Find yourself at home in the middle of the day and looking for a little direction in your life? Just turn on ESPN2 for as little as 30 seconds to be reminded that there is nothing of any worth or substance happening on First Take, then turn off the talking heads, tell the important people in your life that you love them, and go outside. Stephen A. Smith won't even know you're gone.

"Gary Neal" Stephen A. sneered, with an emphasis that mocked both the "Gary" and "Neal" aspect of Gary Neal's name.

"Tiago Splitter" he continued, quite astutely.

Stephen A. Smith was responding to the proposed possibility that Gary Neal, or another one of the Spurs' role players could be a dark-horse factor in Game 6. "You think LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are sitting there worrying about Gary Neal?!" he pointed out, sealing the win for himself, according to himself.

Take that same question, Stephen A., and ask it at the beginning of the series but replace "Gary Neal" with "Danny Green." I'm sure you would have scoffed at that prospect as well. But here the Heat are, on the brink of elimination due to Danny Green's historic 3-point shooting. Ask the Heat if they wish they had taken the Spurs' role players into account before Game 1. 

By the way, Gary Neal shot 6/10 from 3-point land with 24 points in Game 3. 


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