Stern Rejects Second Deal for Paul, Lakers Move Odom to Dallas

12/11/11 in NBA   |   KurtKingsley   |   1858 respect

David Stern’s verdict on Saturday to scrape the much anticipated trade between Los Angeles, New Orleans and Houston has led to a mess could lead the NBA commissioner to a lot of backlash plus an unhappy manager and coach. Stern has shown remorse over his decision, nonetheless it will stand. Meanwhile, the Hornets management has also shown their disappointed over the commissioner’s call.

“In his desire to keep the All-Star point guard on the roster to maximize the league’s selling price of the team to potential owners, Stern has shot down two deals to send Paul to the Lakers.”

After a two day frenzy to seal a deal for Chris Paul, the Lakers pulled out from the proposed deal after rubbishing all other ideas from the table. Soon afterwards, the trade turned sour between the Lakers and Hornets.

This scenario can lead to catastrophic for the Lakers, especially if a new deal is not sought soon since they could lose Chris Paul. Paul, who is considered to be among the cream of Los Angeles, could walk away as a free agent next July.

That is indeed surprising news, even for the NBA pundits. Moreover, rumors are rife about Lakers forward, Lamar Odom, making his way to Dallas as a part of the Mavericks first-round of 2012 for which he will not be paid.

Odom, who was promised $ 8.9 million for this season has successfully secured only $2.9 million. The Mavericks obtained Odom in return for the $8.9 million trade exception they took in for Tyson Chandler’s contract with the Knicks. Moreover, the Lakers will see a first-round and a potential second-round pick by the Mavericks in 2012.

This swap left the Lakers with 8.9 million trade exception that can assist to sign potential players in the time to come. They can even be used to persuade Paul. Officials from the club said that these funds can be utilized to confirm a signing that some other club would be planning to rob off in the last moment. However, trade exceptions are only valid for a year.

Meanwhile reports are coming in short of a definite deal between Lakers and Magic; rumors are that the Dwight Howard will be making his way to Los Angeles, for which in return Orlando might land its hands on Pau Gasol and Andrew Bynum.


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