Steve Nash: Lakers Didnít Have a Chance

Steve Nash: Lakers didnít have a chance with Howard

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Now that the Dwight Howard saga is finally over, many of the stories underground are now surfacing.  Steve Nash, Howard’s former teammate, recently said on the Mason and Ireland show, “Frankly, I thought before the meeting that we really didn't have a chance. I'd like to think that after the meeting, we had a chance, but ultimately, I think Dwight wasn't comfortable here and didn't want to be here.  If he doesn't want to be here, there's no point for anyone in him being here, so we wish him the best and move on. I heard he said to the media that he never quite felt embraced in L.A. He never quite felt maybe supported, and that's basically it. In some ways you can read into that what you will.”
Unlike the other teams that rigorously recruited Howard like he was the second coming of Wilt Chamberlain, the Lakers felt no need to treat him differently than any other free agent.  It may have been this feeling of entitlement that ultimately turned off Howard to re-signing with the Lakers.  Everyone wants to feel special, known, and wanted, and at the end of the day, Houston was able to do that better than any other team.
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