Steve Nash Has No Regrets

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Blog Photo - Steve Nash Has No Regrets
Despite the constant criticism and overwhelming scrutiny, point guard Steve Nash has no regrets about wearing a Lakers uniform. 
"Ten out of 10 times, I make the same decision again," Nash told USA TODAY Sports. "I've gotten to see my kids probably four times as much as I'd seen them if I'd have gone back East. That's first and foremost. Second of all, it's a great experience to play for the Lakers organization. ... I'm happy here.  I'm beyond playing for the credit or the adulation. I feel secure in myself as a player. I just want to help this team, regardless of what it means for me personally."
Nash’s head coach, Mike D’Antoni has also praised Nash for his willingness to adapt and sacrifice for the good of his teammates. "It's too bad not everybody is like that, because that would make my job and everybody's job ... a lot easier. It's not like that, but he's hard to put in words because he's the best you can be — with his teammates, with his coaching staff. He's the best. It doesn't get any better than that."
However, despite being the consummate teammate, it’s quite possible that the two-time MVP will never win that elusive ring that he’s been chasing his entire career.  You don't get a ring for being a great player, for being a great teammate, or for being loyal to a franchise.  But if you ask him, when it’s all said and done, he'll have no regrets.
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