Steve Nash Isnít Himself, DíAntoni Has No Faith In The Lakers Without Him

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Apr 17, 2013; Los Angeles, CA, USA; Los Angeles Lakers coach Mike D'Antoni reacts during the game against the Houston Rockets at the Staples Center. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY SportsThis is about the last thing that you want to hear your already unpopular head coach say.
Mike D’Antoni has been putting his foot in his mouth from day one, while constantly worshipping his favorite point guard Steve Nash. It seems like the coach has zero confidence in this team without him though.
The coach said:

"He gives us that threat on the floor that's good and I think he'll get better as his leg gets better. We're not going to do it without him. He'll battle through some injuries that he has, but he'll be ready to go Wednesday [for Game 2]."

Nash isn’t doing all that well. He’s sore and trying his best to play through it. Lakers reporter tweeted his status earlier, saying:

It’s not surprising that D’Antoni would invest his hopes and dreams in Nash, but he’s somehow forgetting that he has two of the best big men in the league in the post. 14 feet of all-star post player.
There’s no doubt that with the right players, D’Antoni’s system is effective and dangerous, but these aren’t those players, and saying things like that only shows how inept and unyielding he is. He’s the guy in the bomb shelter who has a breakdown when the guy who went out to see if everything is okay doesn’t come back.
So, Lakers fans, if you listen to the coach, your playoff hopes and dreams rest on the rickety, ailing, once-great legs of Steve Nash.

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