Steve Nash: "Never Put Phoenix Next to LA"

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Most of those who grew up Los Angeles Lakers fan, don't know Steve Nash on the level that most of his fans do - specifically the Vitamin Water side of Nash.Blog Photo - Steve Nash: "Never Put Phoenix Next to LA"

As a spokesman for the company, Nash had made several commercials and informercials promoting the brand with a unique twist of comedy, showing his fans an entirely new side of him than we see on the hardwood. 

For years, Nash had given his blood, sweat and tears to a Phoenix Suns organization that had its fair share of playoff battles with the Los Angeles Lakers - which led to some hostility between the two franchises, essentially becoming rivals. 

Nash made sure people knew how much he disliked LA through his comedic efforts in his commercials as well - and he thought of creative ways to integrate that feeling into a commercial. 

The amount of attention it has received doesn't speak to the hilarity; check it out and tell me what you think. And for those that HAVE seen it, chime in. 
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