Steve Nash Yells at Dwight Howard

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Blog Photo - Steve Nash Yells at Dwight Howard

During the third quarter of the Sunday’s afternoon game between the Lakers and the Heat, the normally cathartic Steve Nash snapped at the increasingly polarizing Dwight Howard. 
Nash was furious that Howard was not able to grab his bounce pass, while Howard was upset that Nash didn’t lob him the ball.  The turnover led to a fastbreak and an and-one for LeBron James – who apparently is trying to achieve a one hundred percent fg% lately.
It’s hard to say what exactly was said between Nash and Howard’s exchange, but the internal frustration is continuing to pile up for a team that is clearly imploding.  For Laker-Haters, enjoy the verbal altercation between Nash and Howard below. 
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Is it just me or is the recurring theme in all of these Lakers articles Dwight Howard?