Steve Nash interested in moving on from Phoenix Suns

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Phoenix Suns All-Star point guard Steve Nash has a lot to consider in a free agency this summer. Steve Nash acknowledged that he is secretly excited about the pleasant change with another team after spending eight seasons with the Phoenix Suns.
“It's just a different free agency for me and I have to be open-minded to everything,” stated Steve Nash.
“But I do know that for the first time I realize that it might not be Phoenix,” continued Steve Nash regarding his future prospects with the Phoenix Suns. “I would have said even in the middle of (last) season or last year that I would have thought I probably would have stayed in Phoenix forever. But it's come to a point now where I'm facing the reality that's not (the case).”
However, Steve Nash refrained from specifying any team he might be viewing at the moment. Steve Nash believes that the Phoenix Suns have reached their maximum potential for the time being.  Steve Nash wants to have a shot with legitimate NBA title contenders, and has for the last two seasons hoping in vain that the Phoenix Suns will trade him to offer a better chance of winning that long awaited championship. However, the Phoenix Suns chose to keep Steve Nash close and find a miracle with two successive trips to the lottery as a reminiscence of their Western Conference Finals run in 2010.
“I don't necessarily feel like it's a home run anymore,” stated Steve Nash regarding re-signing with the Phoenix Suns. “I don't necessarily feel like they're determined to keep me… there's other opportunities that are exciting.”
It is speculated that Steve /Nash could land with the Dallas Mavericks, New York Knicks, Toronto Raptor or the Brooklyn Nets.
Steve Nash left the Dallas Mavericks rather abruptly in 2004 when Raptors president of basketball operations Bryan Colangelo convinced the guard within a day to sign with the Phoenix Suns. However, Steve Nash contests that is the past and he had heard word about a well-paid one-year contract by the Dallas Mavericks to bring back the guard to play along long-time friend Dirk Nowitzk.
Even though the New York Knicks already have a fan favorite in guard Jeremy Lin, still they might attempt to get their hand on Steve Nash through a “sign-and-trade package” to arrange the necessary financial offer to draw his interest.
The Toronto Raptors are headed for the same tactics to make the jump on Steve Nash when he hits New York as soon as the free agency begins. The Toronto Raptors are also expected to offer the most lucrative contract to Steve Nash.
Although the free agents will be restricted from signing a contract until 11 July, Steve Nash hopes to settle his new contract quick, for which the word-of-mouth may do for most teams.
Steve Nash raked in $12 million from the Phoenix Suns last season. He averaged 12.5 points and 10.7 assists for a team for the Phoenix Suns last season
“It'd be great if four or five contenders came after me and all offered me a deal, but the reality is I might not get that opportunity,” said Steve Nah. “So I'm going to look at every opportunity.”
Despite all, Steve Nash hasn’t ruled-out a continuing with the Phoenix Suns (although they aren’t willing to make a three year contract).
“I definitely could go back to Phoenix, but just that opportunity that I may be moving has definitely got me feeling the nerves, anxiety and excitement to see what happens,” expressed Steve Nash.
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