Stewart Mandel Predicting A Busy Bowl Season for Miami University

11/12/07 in NCAAF   |   CriticalFanatic   |   respect

Nothing would please me more than watching my beloved alma mater win not one, but two bowl games this holiday season. Something tells me that won't happen but I'd be more than happy to adopt whatever rules Stewart Mandel goes by in his latest bowl projections.

A few other notes about from the more accurate portion of these projections and matchups:

- A Ron Zook - Florida Capital One Bowl. It wouldn't be close, but it'd be fun for the Zooker to get a shot at his old team.

- Kansas vs Virginia on January 1st. The most unlikely scenario on August 1st.

- #1 sign there's too many bowls: Nebraska goes bowling with a win over Colorado Nov 23rd

Bowl Projections (SI)
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11/12/07   |   Jubanator14   |   367 respect

Those predictions look a lot like when I did mine when we had our big bowl game prediction poll with the medals. Except I think I put 4 teams in one bowl.

11/12/07   |   Fat

I think getting to two bowls games might be the only thing that would make me feel better about the job that Shayne Montgomery is doing.

11/12/07   |   tpowell25   |   1627 respect

Did David Fleming have something to do with this?

11/12/07   |   Jon   |   5 respect

Arizona State vs. Ohio State would be a great Rose Bowl, I hope it happens.

11/12/07   |   Seth   |   301 respect

Nebraska in a bowl game? I'm taking the over, don't need to know the opponent.