Strange, unnecessarily violent animation of the Tebow saga

Want Tebowmania to get even weirder? Watch this video

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Blog Photo - Strange, unnecessarily violent animation of the Tebow saga

It does not get much stranger than this...

By the numbers:


Instance of Belichick and Brady getting run over

Thomas the Tank Engine cameo

Giant mallett used to smash in Chad Johnson's skull

Self decapitation by Brady


Touchdown passes caught by Randy Moss on a single play

Butts slapped by Chad Johnson in the courtroom


Total instances of violence


Total seconds of Tim Tebow prancing in the showers

One hundred and fifteen

The weight at which Rex Ryan is depicted

Important notes:

Rex Ryan informed Tim Tebow he was getting cut by body slamming him.

Belichick kicks Tebow after the two successfully pair up to hit a field goal. Soon after, the two do it all over again for some reason.

Credit to Next Media Animation for a video that is as insightful as it is comprehensive. 

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