Stroke has Pittsburgh Penguins Kris Letang rethinking his return to the ice

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FanIQ | Sports Rumors, Gossip, Blogs, News & Discussion ForumsA stroke is no ordinary thing for an athlete who has to give his peak performance at every game and trains hard for those games every day at practice. When Pittsburgh Penguins Kris Letand suffered the stroke he knew the road to recovery ahead would not be without its share of doubts and hurdles.
He is unsure how much time it will take to recover sufficiently from the stroke to make a comeback on the ice. Back in January, he had a stroke and has been absent from the latest five games the Penguins played. He is for now taking it slow and unwilling to give a deadline by which he will have recovered enough to get back on the ice.
Up till now he is still in the recovery process and is still working to get back in shape. He has not resumed his usual workout practice and chances are slim that he will be back to play this season. For now he is just limiting himself to light workout to get back in basic for, using light weights and basic workout to come back in shape. He said that for now, he was analyzing himself on day to day basis and would see where it went from there.
"I have some good days, some bad days [physically].  I think the most difficult thing is around family, everybody is really careful,” Letand said. “I can't even lift their luggage without having them try to help me out. Otherwise, it's been just mentally a little bit tough." 
Letand did add that he had his intentions solidified around getting back on the ice as soon as he felt good enough and was focusing on returning strong. But he said he knew things were not as simple as they seemed to be.
"The day before, I was totally fine. I was practicing and I woke up that morning not expecting that to happen and it happened like this," Letang said. "My family is really worried. That was a difficult part. When you see your mom crying or your wife or any of my family members, it's always a tough thing to handle."
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