Sunday March Madness Open Thread

Determining the final eight of the Sweet Sixteen! [March Madness Open Thread]

3/24/13 in NCAABB   |   Jess   |   34902 respect

Happy Sunday, and welcome back to March Madness on FanIQ! Today we find out the final 8 teams going to the Sweet Sixteen, and we have a few opportunities for more great upsets - which game (or games) will it be? Yesterday I went 6/8 and unfortunately one of my 2 incorrect picks was my Bulldogs, who got "upset" by a very aggressive defense and 3-shooting Wichita State. Can it really be considered an upset though when many experts - and fans - were well aware that Gonzaga was a weak #1 seed in the first place who consistently falters in March? One upset I did call was Oregon over Saint Louis. Let's see if I can call a good one like that again...

Blog Photo - Sunday March Madness Open ThreadNo. 10 Iowa State vs. No. 2 Ohio State
West Region, from Dayton, OH
12:15pm on CBS
My Pick: I have Ohio State going all the way to the Final Four in my bracket, so it wouldn't make much sense to pick against them now. 

No. 9 Temple vs. No. 1 Indiana
East Region, from Dayton, OH
2:45pm on CBS
My Pick: Is Indiana going to win it all this year? I'm not quite sure about that, but I think they'll win today.

No. 8 North Carolina vs. No. 1 Kansas
South Region, from Kansas City, MO
5:15pm on CBS
My Pick: I'm going for this one as my upset special of the day.

No. 11 Minnesota vs. No. 3 Florida
South Region, from Austin, TX
6:10pm on TNT
My Pick: I think this game will be a very good game; Minnesota is better than I thought. However, from my understanding, Florida's better.

No. 15 Florida Gulf Coast vs. No. 7 San Diego State
South Region, from Philadelphia, PA
7:10pm on TBS
My Pick: I know Florida Gulf Coast pulled off a huge upset last game, but I don't see them doing it again. Besides, I have to go with SDSU. Go Aztecs!

No. 13 La Salle vs. No. 12 Ole Miss
West Region, from Kansas City, MO
7:40pm on TRU
My Pick: Talk about pulling off upsets! Ole Miss knocked out heavily favored in the West Wisconsin, and La Salle took down juggernaut Kansas State. This game should be fun. Eenie Meenie Miney....Ole Miss.

No. 7 Illinois vs. No. 2 Miami (FL)
East Region, from Austin, TX
8:40pm on TNT
My Pick: I ran across a ton of brackets that have Miami going to the Final Four, if not the Championship game. Can the Illini knock them out prematurely? I think maybe.

No. 7 Creighton vs. No. 2 Duke
Midwest Region, from Philadelphia, PA
9;40pm on TBS
My Pick: Duke.

Who are your picks? How are your brackets looking? Join us here all day for March Madness!
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3/27/13   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

expect the BIG TEN to be REPPIN

3/25/13   |   Cali_Kat   |   15589 respect

Go Duke!

3/25/13   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

My girlfriends 10 yr old niece had FGCU winning 2 games...wyf

3/24/13   |   Jess   |   34902 respect

I didn't do very well at all. Oh well, I didn't put any money down or anything. Good thing I'm not a gambler!

3/24/13   |   Scott   |   53924 respect

Illini had the upset right there for the taking but some questionable calls against them late and the Hurricanes ability to make some clutch shots help Miami move on

3/24/13   |   Scott   |   53924 respect

LaSalle takes down Mississippi.  Illinois giving the Miami Hurricanes all they can handle and more

3/24/13   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Florida. Gulf. Coast. That is all.

3/24/13   |   Jess   |   34902 respect

Wait no, my mistake...Elite Eight - and getting beat by Rameses, who is already out. #busted

3/24/13   |   Jess   |   34902 respect

Maybe there's something to this whole Mascot bracket thing after all...I have Azul (FGCU) going to the Final Four.

3/24/13   |   Scott   |   53924 respect

Turn out the lights for the Aztecs.  The Eagles are flying into the Sweet Sixteen

3/24/13   |   Jess   |   34902 respect


3/24/13   |   Scott   |   53924 respect

Eagles are laying the hammer down on San Diego State.  19 point lead with 4 minutes left

3/24/13   |   Scott   |   53924 respect

Florida Gulf Coast is less then 6 minutes away from becoming the first 15 seed to make the Sweet Sixteen

3/24/13   |   Jess   |   34902 respect

Scott wrote:
Ohio State and Indiana literally survived and have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen.

Kansas also punches their ticket by knocking out former coach Roy Williams and the Tar Heels.

Next weekend's Michigan/Kansas game should be really good

Boo - there goes my big upset for the day. That's ok, I'm sure Dan's thrilled Kansas won

3/24/13   |   Scott   |   53924 respect

Ohio State and Indiana literally survived and have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen.

Kansas also punches their ticket by knocking out former coach Roy Williams and the Tar Heels.

Next weekend's Michigan/Kansas game should be really good

3/24/13   |   derms33   |   17645 respect

JenX63 wrote:
GO whoever's  still alive in my 10 team pickem!


3/24/13   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

Khalif Wyatt is trying to beat Indiana practically by himself, and he just might do it.

3/24/13   |   orangemen90   |   5785 respect

Lets go Temple.. Show them big boys...

3/24/13   |   JenX63   |   32817 respect

GO whoever's  still alive in my 10 team pickem!

3/24/13   |   Eric_   |   7716 respect

*bleep* Ohio State. That is all.

3/24/13   |   richard_cranium   |   17679 respect

Go Eagles!

3/24/13   |   mcleodglen   |   32 respect

Illini would be just fine!

3/24/13   |   Scott   |   53924 respect

Ohio State has to be licking their chops over seeing #1, #3, #4 and #5 all eliminated from their bracket.  Bucky can't take Iowa State lightly though because if the Cyclones are on from 3 point land, they will be tough to beat.

As for my Illini, they'll need a perfect game to beat the Hurricanes.  Miami is a well balanced team that doesn't make a lot of mistakes.  Illinois can't afford any 10 minute scoring droughts like they had against Colorado or they'll lose this game by 25 points