Suns, Warriors interested in Grizzlies' potential Rudy Gay trade

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After report surfaced Monday that the Memphis Grizzlies have been actively shopping Rudy Gay, there were rumblings today that the team has found two interested parties in the form of the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors.
The Memphis Grizzlies front office is desperately looking for ways to avoid paying the league’s luxury tax over the next couple of seasons. Rudy Gay is owed $16.4 million this season, while Memphis grizzlies have him on the books for 17.8 million and $19.3 million over the next two seasons. The Memphis Grizzlies could be looking to dump the financial burden of Rudy Gay’s contract and take drafts picks in return.
Meanwhile, the Phoenix Suns (12-23) have been struggling for consistency throughout the season. After winning just one of their last nine games, the Phoenix Suns are edging ever closer towards being ruled out of playoffs contention and are hoping to bring around some pleasant changes starting with a few roster moves.
Although the framework for the trade isn’t in place yet, the Memphis Grizzlies are expecting at least at least Phoenix Suns’ Jared Dudley and a couple of first-round picks in return for Rudy Gay.
The seventh-year pro Rudy Gay’ has averaged just under 18 points, 5.8 rebounds and 2.5 assist per game, while appearing in 31 games this season. Subsequently it doesn’t make much sense why the Memphis Grizzlies (22-10) who are on a role this season will be willing to trade Rudy day. The fourth Western conference seed Rudy gay have an opportunity to make the playoffs so why throw the team chemistry away?
Because of the hefty amount remaining on Rudy Gay’s contract, many Phoenix Suns fans are demanding how the team will implement him into the lineup, especially considering the Michael Beasley situation. The Phoenix Suns forward Michael Beasley is being payed over $22 million to play on the same position.
There are also concerns from the fans whether it’s in the team’s best interests to lockup an ostentatious sum on Rudy Gay over the next two years, as the Phoenix Suns run out of draft picks as well. At the moment, the Phoenix Suns possess five first-round draft picks over the next three NBA drafts. Does Rudy Gay have the capacity to become the Phoenix Suns’ star player during that time period.
On the long run, it looks like this trade won’t cut. if the Memphis Grizzlies made a playoffs run with this roster and waited until offseason to a better trade for Rudy Gay with teams possessing betters assets.
The Golden State Warriors have also reportedly shown interest in a trade for Rudy Gay. But the talks have been stalled due to the Memphis Grizzlies’ refusal to take on Golden State Warriors forward Richard Jefferson’s remaining $21 million contract. The Golden State Warriors had their eyes set on Rudy Gay way back since the 2012 drafts, but they are looking to dump big contracts such as center Andris Biedrins and other such players on the roster.
If the Memphis Grizzlies go for such trades, they’ll be taking on an aging player, with a luxurious salary and limited abilities in return for their top-third scorer Rudy Gay. Again, it’s better if the Memphis Grizzlies wait it out into the offseason before being scammed in a trade for their star forward.
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