Super Bowl Fan Interview: Jess

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Blog Photo - Super Bowl Fan Interview: JessYesterday, we interviewed Broncos fan The_Real_Stoney about his team and whatever trolling questions I could come up with. Today we move to our resident Seahawks fan, Jess. You of course know Jess as our Community Manager. How will she take to my douchey questions? Let's find out.

(Note: I forgot to ask Jess if I could use an actual picture of her, but since she's posted this elsewhere, I don't think she'll mind.)

What are your origins as a Seahawks fan? Was it just proximity, or was it something else?

I grew up in North Idaho, so it was mainly proximity, but also the fact that all the boys I hung out with in junior high and high school were huge fans. My love for the team just grew as I got older. I wasn’t always as fanatic as I am now; I liked them but I wasn’t obsessed. That changed after the first game I ever attended live with some friends who had great seats, compliments of Jon Kitna (they played college ball with him) January 9, 2000 in the Kingdome. I even got to meet some players.

You told me once your husband became a Seahawks fan because of you. Should we then conclude that he is afraid of you?


I’m just kidding, of course. No, my husband met me about 5 months after I attended the aforementioned game. I was full-on ridiculous by that point. I didn’t convert him immediately, but if he wanted to spend time with me on weekends, he was forced to watch them with me every week. Now he’s just as maniacal as I am.

What is your typical game day experience, whether at the stadium or elsewhere?

Road games: (Morning) drag my ass out of bed, don my gameday gear and make my way to my big fluffy chair. My daughter usually makes me a cup of coffee. By about halftime, I’m wide awake and screaming at the players, refs, Bevell, you name it. If the Hawks win, I eat Skittles.

Home games: Don the gameday gear, leave the hotel and head for the nearest Starbucks. I get a grande Caramel Macchiato and a bacon, egg, & gouda artisan breakfast sandwich (tradition). We get to CenturyLink at about 10:00am and hang out in Touchdown City where the kiddo plays games and makes signs, I take pics, we watch the morning games on the big screen there and participate in contests, etc. Then we head up to our seats at about 12:00 to watch warmups and chit chat with our section neighbors. If the Hawks win, I eat Skittles.

What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday?

Don the gameday gear, navigate my way to MetLife Stadium via NJ transit, scream my lungs out, wave my Hawks flag, and let the world know the 12th Man is in the house!  I’ll have to try some different stadium food that day too; the only football stadium outside of CenturyLink I’ve been to is EverBank Field in Jacksonville, and that was preseason. And if the Hawks win, I’ll eat Skittles.

Who is your favorite Seahawk, current or former, that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention? Former should be easy for you, since people only know about 5 past Seahawks, and one of them is Brian Bosworth.

Had to bring him up didn’t you? Ew. I have a few current and former players right now who don’t get a lot of recognition, so you’ll just have to bear with me. I love KJ Wright and Bobby Wagner right now; I don’t think they get enough credit for how hard they play and what a difference they make. If Earl Thomas counts…No? Okay. Of course Jon Ryan is a special teams savior (but you know that), and without the field position he’s given our defense, the defense might not be as successful as they’ve been.  I was also a fan of Ryan Plackemeier. I don’t care how little people think kickers and punters matter; they can make the difference in a game. Former – I’m pretty sure Walter Jones and Cortez Kennedy don’t count as players who don’t get a lot of attention, so moving on…I loved Chad Brown and Shawn Springs. Nate Burleson was one of my favorites, with his charity work. Jordan Babineaux was always fun to watch. FB Owen Schmitt was a crazy person, and I loved it. Chris Warren, Michael Sinclair, Chris Gray….ya know what? It would probably be easier for me to tell you which players I’ve liked the least.

(Jess, have you ever considered writing a stream of consciousness novel?)

What is the most embarrassing jersey you have ever bought?

As far as players go, none. I’m pretty selective though, so there’s that. However, apparently Seahawks fans who wear current style #12 jerseys are all bandwagon fans, according to most bloggers around the league so if I had to pick one I might reconsider, my #12 jersey. In my defense, I’m not allowed to get any current player jersey, so I thought I was playing it safe.

We hear a lot about the Seattle defense. Is the offense any good?

They’re good, but they’re not outstanding. The offensive line is awful, but there are also times Russell will take off running when he could probably step up in the pocket and make a smarter play. Our WR’s have a tough time getting separation sometimes, and Zach Miller has recently missed on some important blocks. I’m pretty sure I don’t need to talk about Marshawn Lynch. The thing I love most about them is that they’re resilient though. For far too many years, the Seahawks would give up when getting a little bit behind on the scoreboard. In my opinion though, the worst thing about our offense right now is the OC.

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"(Jess, have you ever considered writing a stream of consciousness novel?)"

No...should I?