Super Bowl Fan Interview: The_Real_Stoney

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Blog Photo - Super Bowl Fan Interview: The_Real_StoneyFor this Super Bowl, we have a super fan here on FanIQ for each of the teams involved. This week, I interviewed both of these fans about their teams and their experience. Of course, since it's me, the questions quickly deteriorated. Today, we interview The_Real_Stoney, our resident Broncos fanatic. The questions are in bold. His responses then fall below.

(Note: That picture is not of Stoney, but some other random crazy person.)

What are your origins as a Broncos fan? Was it just proximity, or was it something else?

Like most kids growing up in and around Denver, and for that matter, the state of Colorado and Rocky Mountain Region, the only decent major sports franchise in the 80s was the Broncos. There was no Avalanche, no Rockies to occupy the sports pages to pin your hopes on. It was the Nuggets with the greatest uniforms in NBA history and the Broncos, and I bled Orange and Blue for as long as I can remember and my dad is awesome so I spent many birthday weekends in Mile High Stadium.

What is your typical game day experience, whether at the stadium or elsewhere?

If I’m going to buy tickets to the game which I do 1-2 times a year, you’re gonna find me in the South stands. The atmosphere has always been the best in that area, even after things went corporate when the new Mile High was built. I usually get to the game 3 hours early and wander among tailgate groups I know and greasing the gears so to speak.
If I’m at home, I’m usually a nervous mess, pacing around and scaring my dogs and yelling at the TV

What are your plans for Super Bowl Sunday?

A friend of mine owns a sports bar, so I reserved a table for myself and 7 friends. They’re doing a raffle for a bunch of pretty cool prizes (big screen TV, Jim Beam guitar, Coors Light beach cruiser, etc.) the food is amazing and they have 100 oz pitchers.

Who is your favorite Bronco, current or former, that hasn’t gotten a lot of attention?

Probably the Vanilla Gorilla, Karl Mecklenburg. The dude was a beast, made 6 Pro Bowls and was so much fun to watch. He and Steve Atwater were my favorite Broncos growing up.

What is the most embarrassing jersey you have ever bought?

I’m not a big jersey guy. I had a Steve Watson jersey as a youngster, and now just an Elway and Von Miller. I’m glad I didn’t pull the trigger on that Tim Tebow #15

(I forgot to ask about Tebow. Sorry everyone.)

We hear a lot about the Denver offense. Is the defense any good?

The defense is good enough. The offense put games out of hand by the end of the 3rd and early 4th quarter so many times this year that the offense basically quit trying to move the ball and D gave up a lot of garbage points. The losses of Von Miller and Chris Harris hurt a lot, but their strength has been their run D and they match up well against a mediocre Seattle offense.

How quickly did the weed jokes about this game get old?

About 3 days before the Conference Championship games

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Steve Atwater was my favorite Bronco too.